The development of the pharmaceutical electronic commerce a good pharmacist health mall industry exa

along with the electronic commerce Shirupozhu influence continues to expand, in more and more people have been accustomed to online shopping at the same time, there are more and more companies continue to join the electric force, the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The potential and speed the development of electronic commerce naturally no doubt, but to win to win the market, get the recognition of consumers is not easy, especially directly related to the safety of people’s life and health of the pharmaceutical industry.

recently, the reporter interviewed the China’s largest online pharmacies, leading the direction in the field of medicine electronic commerce good pharmacist health Mall (, and the mall responsible person on the status quo and development direction of China’s pharmaceutical business, and discusses the development experience of good pharmacist health mall. read more

Rural electricity supplier is not just a slogan system how bad you made it

online shop online upgrade this fire has burned to the countryside.

was founded in November 2015 Nongze Sheng this new project is intended to integrate the township level of supermarkets and shops, play a different rural electricity supplier.

"township level supermarkets and shops and supermarkets in the city format is the same, but can play a role is completely different. The supermarket can undertake a variety of functions. Nongze Sheng is to tap the potential energy of the terminal shop." Nongze Sheng co-founder Wang Yang said.

"according to our survey, about 30% of the villages and towns supermarkets have used IT system, but for various reasons to give up." Wang Yang pointed out that the current level of the township supermarket almost did not use the IT system, which also led to the lack of rural consumer data. read more

Electricity supplier intensive PO valuation gap reflects Wall Street double standard

Beijing, May 11, last week, domestic electricity intensive in the United States to submit IPO application, Ali,, Jingdong has submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC (Updated) IPO prospectus. So far, the United States listed in the mainstream B2C electricity supplier will reach 5.

5 in stocks listed on the mainstream B2C business, except Ali exceeded 100 billion U.S. dollars valuation, valuation of other 4 companies (market capitalization) from $800 million to $24 billion. The gap between the very poor, and in-depth analysis, the key indicators for the scale of household business enterprise valuation and business volume, serious deviation.

electricity supplier intensive in the United States IPO valuation gap

May 7th, Ali to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted the prospectus, is expected to issue a final amount or in the $15 billion to $20 billion, Wall Street analysts on Ali expected valuation of $136 billion to $245 billion. read more

Why does the Amazon streaming media device of muddy water

[Abstract] Amazon’s main business philosophy is to allow the company to do everything".

BI Chinese station on April 2nd reported

Will hold a media event in New York, Amazon

Wednesday, expected the company will launch a new equipment – whether the device is dongle or set-top box — it can let users in TV play from the Amazon, or streaming video content in Netflix and Hulu.

has reported that Amazon’s device will run Google (micro-blog) Android operating system, but also can act as a video game console. The flow of media equipment market competition has been very intense, Amazon’s devices will be Apple’s Apple TV, Roku or Google Chromecast direct confrontation. In this case, Amazon why muddy water drips


in the last year, Brad · Stone (Brad Stone) published last year about Amazon’s works "everything store: Geoff · Bezos and Amazon (The Everything Store: Jeff" Bezos and the Age of Amazon.), the author once wrote, "the Amazon will launch a mobile phone or TV set-top box and Internet connection? That would be the case, because the company hopes to make their services appear in all the network equipment, so Amazon customers do not have to rely solely on the main competitors of hardware." read more

Asia’s top domain name Asia fully activated

      ad hoc non-profit organizations reported in September 24th operating.Asia top-level domain name registration DotAsia, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the four leading Chinese registrar, start the registration of this important program in the area of the top level domain in the largest market in the world, to lay a solid foundation for the expansion of the registered.Asia domain name completely.

extends.Asia enables companies and individuals to lock the world’s largest Internet community, and to provide a new platform for the search for relevant information in asia. And enhance the company’s brand and online identity linked the new top-level domain for the company, brand and market marketers can highlight the company attaches great importance to the Asian market. read more

What is the cross border separatist warlords fight

Internet penetration in people’s daily life even more is to get in by every opening, online shopping transaction model to subvert the traditional line, making the global free trade become an indisputable fact. In recent years, with China’s Internet economy booming, the rapid growth of e-commerce, the momentum of development, according to the commerce department’s latest statistics show that in 2014 China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 13 trillion yuan, including B2B and retail network, an increase of 25%, net retail sales amounted to 2 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 49.7%. Among them, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in the first half of 2014, China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions in the total amount of 3 trillion yuan, of which cross-border retail about $300 billion. Forecast of Global trade patterns and the report released by the Ministry of Commerce, 2016 China cross-border electricity import and export volume will increase to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of over 30%, which means that the cross-border electricity supplier industry will usher in a golden age of their own "". read more

BBC China quest online shopping hand chop Party 100 thousand Group annual consumption of 30 billion

British media said that after becoming the world’s second largest economy, China is trying to contribute to economic growth from the export of investment to domestic consumption led change.

according to Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on September 23rd, China’s official economic growth in the first half of this year was 6.7%, but the service industry growth rate of up to 7.5%. Analysts said that consumption has continued to be the "first Chinese economic growth engine: the first half of this year, consumer spending on China contribution to economic growth rate of 73.4%, respectively, over the same period last year and last year increased by 13.2 percentage points and 13.5 percentage points. Meanwhile, the first half of China’s physical goods online retail sales grew by 26.6%, higher than the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods growth rate of 16.3 percentage points. read more

Exclusive analysis electricity supplier tide will reshape the social business model

[news] May 22nd

billion state power Jingdong today, success in the United States IPO, access to capital markets were booming……. In the Jingdong, has the largest domestic cosmetics vertical electric landing on the NYSE, the Jingdong, there are more ferocious giant electricity supplier Alibaba listed as a whole. In 2014, foster years China blue chip stocks were basically already successfully listed.

and the wave of shock waves, but also far from being able to fully reflect the share price and market capitalization. As you can see, the business model of the entire retail industry will be reshaped.

1, since then, single business retail business has been unable to compete with the electricity supplier at the same level, the next 5 years, jobs will lose $30%.

after the completion of the listing of the electricity supplier market power will be stronger, physical goods sold to a certain size (number of SKU Jingdong has more than 40 million, Ali is the times, this is any one single business retail enterprises can not be compared, its convergence) derived from the huge user resources and information all can be used as resources, service resources and commodity resources development and sales. Product gross margin is typically only 10%, then formed between services and goods Maori is usually more than 70% (the Alibaba is not a proprietary platform that is essentially a kind of information service in 2013, its gross margin is more than 70%). read more

Double eleven not fired Ali and Jingdong first hit a trademark battle

tiger sniffing note: there are more than and 10 days, "double eleven" came to the past, electricity providers, express little brother, cut the hand of the party who is the festival of the protagonist, who wanted to participate in the shopping Carnival square is not carnival, its trademark and related lawyers are advance into play.

at the trademark of deadly weapons

has no intention to see Jingdong received a lawyer’s letter Ali had to give up the double eleven promotion news search entrance through several Trademark Office website, found Ali not only in early 2011 to Alibaba collective Holdings Limited in the name of the thirty-fifth categories of applications and in December 2012 10136470th, "double eleven" trademark, and in thirty-fifth, 38, 41 other related categories on the application and registration of "double eleven" and "double eleven" Carnival and a series of defensive trademark, the trademark registration to protect eleven double tight. It seems very good in Ali to build two before eleven advance brand protection network effectively, and in the Jingdong showdown in addition to win war weapons trademark battle weapon. It is often seen. mark in Commerce final case. read more

Get 3 review after feeling by a Q

a few days ago a lot of friends, I have a week to attend the wedding, ha ha is to participate in the 2 wedding. It’s really a happy thing. It’s a shame to see my friends and my bride so sweet that they’re the same as me.


left I set the automatic recovery information written above the captured goods please message me back. This is a word the trouble I almost got angry. When I come back in a week to see the need to deliver all of the goods I have shipped, but I came back immediately after dealing with these things. See a man gave me a message saying I will give me delivery Q coins, I flew to his ship, but I looked at him to shoot the link not just to make sure the customer really need coins was almost 3 a.m.. This time I haven’t had time to drink a glass of water, but I can get a good sleep. read more

How to find a single product a month to search traffic from 0 to do 10 thousand UV

today with this article and we talk about the 2015 Taobao how to make a single product a month from the date of 0 to do the search traffic. Do not drive, not on the event, the search traffic over.

This shop is a three

drill small C shop, the operation began in June July 2nd, when a single product flow is ten thousand 3, now traffic is still rising stage, sandals female biggest word basically ranked in the first page of the wireless terminal, but also the optimization of the space is now basically stable at more than and 200 every day; more than a single.

the first step to prepare goods

prepared 1 new (must be the train test out good money), 5 full network the one and only the main figure, the first main map must be high click rate, make the details page, upload picture space, the layout of core words under the frame of time, write the title, put into the warehouse shelves, waiting for. read more

Tang Wei the domain name was registered by a space transfer price of 7000 yuan

in the atmosphere of lust "sejie" poster

Ang Lee became the heroine of the film was unknown to the public Tang Wei overnight, with "lust, caution" in the world’s release, Tang Wei’s red carpet style directly over the small star stage shy, directly into the atmosphere, elegant, intellectual star fan children. Tang Wei also gave birth to the famous domain name market opportunities, became popular, about Tang Wei’s domain name seems to disappear overnight, by netizens registered a space, the mobile phone domain name registered immediately after the price of 7000 yuan!

recently, the streets and lanes to talk about a topic, "color, ring" really become a synonym for "color", become the climax of the play on the bed, but also become a representative of the naked play. "Lust, caution" became popular, let the actors shine, in which Tang Wei returns the most lucky Tang Wei by Ang Lee "sejie" a fire holding red to the world, from Cinderella to girl, is simply asking for the moon. Tang Wei became famous, her name is the domain name was registered A single word of gold., immediately, the transfer price of 7000 yuan. read more

The whole Ali wireless dual 11 rules radish sticks all have

[Reuters] billion state power after the mobile crazy game of dreaming for a year, this year the Alibaba in its wireless strategy double eleven, it seems less extremely excited the slogan, but according to billion state power network to understand, the Alibaba for wireless client expectations and layout has not diminished the slightest. Sources have revealed to billion state power network, Ali internal double eleven this year Taobao mobile phone sales accounted for more than 50% of the estimated.

Ali wireless

in the double eleven period, the Alibaba has announced a series of wireless end big promotion rules and play, both on the mobile phone Taobao, Tmall also has a mobile phone, the mobile terminal operating through attention "carrot + Stick" approach to motivate sellers, billion state power network will be organized as follows: read more

Why do industry website

said my website, China machine tool exhibition network is not AD, as is known to all, the industry website is relatively easy to make money. Do not bother to deliberately make optimization. Because there are mountains outside the mountains, people out there; do not care about the traffic. We point to open my site to see (hey, just said not AD. In fact, is the need to introduce, hey hey, I found my site and the traditional industry stand what is the difference between it. But there are plenty of advertisements. Why is this


I am the Chinese machine tool exhibition network, is through the lattice network and group push network association.

I think, now the small and medium-sized enterprises do not know how much your website traffic, what pr. They promote the method is Baidu ah, Google ah, optimization, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. But the regular search promotion costs are too high, the cost of optimization is relatively low, but unstable, not safe. Therefore, the industry website has become the small and medium-sized enterprise xiangbobo. Industry website also targeted, read more

Cross border maternal and child price war overdraft industry resources

over a period of time, and maternal across borders is only one word can describe: fire! The future trend of cross-border electricity supplier maternal how will not be affected by the policy factors, foreign brands strategy? On the subject, and a number of cross-border billion state power network industry veteran who launched a mother to discuss.

according to the following content discussion of cross-border child asylum Ebang salon finishing. (involving the guests: maternal home goods department director Zhang Bolin, golden CEO, Tao Wei, deputy general manager Wei Da October mummy mother network co-founder Gao Guangying, kick business general manager Xu Jun


kick: Xu Jun

policy risk is not a certain risk of the supply chain

from the feelings of our businesses in terms of cross-border electricity supplier, the national policy level is not a big problem, but there may be some adjustments in the tax area. However, the supply chain level, the attitude of foreign brands will have a certain risk. And in particular, some foreign brands in China with the total generation, the need to consider the interests of many brands, consider the issue of price control. Many foreign brands are still waiting for the Chinese market, cross-border electricity supplier this thing is also observed. read more

Tmall will not cancel the double eleven activity analysis

the two cold humor news a lot. There is news that Tmall next year will no longer double eleven big promotion, taking into account the impact of sales price system, profit was thin, causing a certain degree of damage to the brand, but for a vain fatigue of life and death. Tmall tried to establish a "Fifth Avenue" flagship store commercial street in the future, to better service system to replace the low price marketing." A little bit of thought will have a doubt, I do not believe that the next year, Tmall will cancel the double eleven.

one reason, double eleven has become an online shopping festival. After four years of 09-12 double eleven, double eleven shopping has become a national holiday, like to eat, eat moon cake Mid-Autumn Lantern Glutinous Rice Balls, the Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings, singles day is shopping. The festival itself is the development from the start, and then spread to the public, the Western Valentine’s day, Christmas is spread in the domestic first small range, then gradually popular, and all the people. Eleven is the name of two singles name of the shopping festival, Tmall deliberately promotion network with a holiday together, as is the 11.11 popular, and online shopping together, like the Mid Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, moon cake and dumplings, is different with the single online shopping are a product of the network virtual gene sure, but now you can double eleven people. read more

The world’s top 500 produced 17TV TV hey turn double 11 is continuing to lead

once a year the double 11 shopping carnival is approaching, various manufacturers of "double 11" war fight hard. 17TV TV is continuing to lead, become a popular explosion of Tmall electric. What are some of the highlights of the 17TV TV to make it stand out?

800 thousand hours

sources than other vendors three times:

as the world’s top 500 enterprises of Lenovo’s 17TV TV, the content of the new upgrade, 17TV video content copyright resources integration blockbuster, Iqiyi and many other content providers. And invested a lot of money to build CDN to ensure smooth video playback.

content, VOD content platform provides 800 thousand hours of high quality content, including more than 4000 films, more than more than 1500 TV series, children’s content of more than 2000, the monthly update program for more than 1 thousand and 200 hours. Ultra HD program accounted for 80%, 3D, 4K program more than more than 200, the same stream quality leading competitors in the industry. read more

Tmall 2015 pairs of 11 carnival night party details for the first time secret Star flavor

double eleven this year is not the same as in the past, this year, Tmall will adopt a new model of consumption + entertainment, not only to buy buy buy, but also look at – while looking to buy.

news November 3rd, Tmall teamed up with Hunan satellite TV will be held in the water cube "Tmall double 11 carnival night", directed by Feng Xiaogang for the first time today disclosed the details of the party, "double 11 party will try to use more innovative, more vibrant art forms, to bring more joy".

party content, according to the Hunan satellite TV producer Liao Ke introduction, Hunan satellite TV has been confirmed to send Wang Han, led by the two gold medal hosted by the group, "every day" and "happy family" of the world’s". Such a powerful lineup, in the past only in the cross year concert and other major events have the opportunity to see, read more

My electricity supplier small seller entrepreneurial process

was the first to introduce myself, I was in Sichuan, contact the electricity supplier for 3 years, beginning not to understand, is the 1 day brush brush drill fudge a 2 drill shop, brush out are some of the few money products, there is no practical significance. It was not long before the Taobao shop, because it is not their own reputation is not sad to sell, that is, the loss of a few hundred dollars to buy a lesson. To be honest.

then re apply for a Taobao account, re shop, this time there is no brush, from dawn to dusk every day, busy watching tutorials, about 1 months is not 5, the anxious mood don’t mention it, then go to the train, no way, although the train than the car have to burn money, but also to open on the train, learning a month, every day study keywords, website optimization than hard sell, is the men we need to study what and when key words flow, sometimes competing, not elected, he is new, not less money, can only choose some accurate long tail words. read more

Rapid improvement of the site traffic integrity rule

with the development of e-commerce, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, large and small e-commerce sites in order to attract a lot of traffic, have racked their brains. And what kind of marketing way is the best, the most suitable for their own business, perhaps not the most accurate answer, but for many small and medium enterprises, how to maximize the publicity through the limited cost, to attract more target groups, in fact there are still many methods to try.

a, soft marketing, value is the fundamental

soft Wen is able to direct advertising way to spread enterprise information or products. From the cost point of view, the cost of soft text is very low, but if an article written well, you can play the same effect. When you look at the media, usually in the news, newspapers and magazines, are likely to have a soft article, but you did not find. Soft itself is a kind of articles, as long as the content is good for you, you don’t have to go into is not soft. The low cost of soft marketing, so the majority of e-commerce companies have the form of soft Wen to promote their website. read more