Classified information website domain name The annual inventory ganji com 1 years heavily to buy tw

years of hard operation, year-end inventory, what is the harvest? A year later, the network of each big website this year there have been some things, or the acquisition or enable domain is constantly being exposed, recently Ganji community network enabled, melon seeds, is to become the end of go to the market this year, the focus of concern, what are the


market advertising wedding dress he red donkey nets

believes that in February this year, the Chen Yao took a donkey to the market or the ads should be impressed! At that time, this one is true and false advertising attracted the "donkey nets" dispute made in the network domain was raise a Babel of criticism of the people network, registered and launched the "donkey nets". People borrow this advertising received very high traffic, but this can also direct short-term, ultimately, the people of the donkey was silent in the limelight after. Ganji in the advertising event, spent a lot of money to buy a domain name after the experience, also made some adjustment strategies. read more

After reading these articles began to cherish the entertainment variety

In 2016

net China which strong? "Mars" CIA certainly is one of the best, "topic" Mars intelligence agency programs have come from Youku big data, let the audience to explore novel in laughter……

recently, the Mars intelligence agency released a series of documents:

: the lower down down down down down down down (Swiss Hin


I found that some people do not eat fat ——————————– not fat, is tired.

blowing cold wind on the road, will eat sanitation workers, hard work can not gain weight, and consciously do not litter so that they can sit down to eat a full meal.

I found that some people how to eat not eat fat C lazy! We are fat and…… .

go by riding a donkey to the shuttle in the high streets and back lanes oh we send takeout to feed us, how can they look fat? read more

Where will you be in five years

product manager, where will you be in five years? This is a question with no absolute answer. But here, the author provides you with some thoughts about the future. The future is unknown, it is more of a "rainy day".

before an article "product manager, five years later, you will lose it" has aroused heated debate, I would like to talk about this topic.

One of the striking differences between

product managers and other professions is that the bottleneck of skills is obvious. Logic analysis, communication skills, trained elite graduates, as long as the smart, with professional product managers will not have much difference. Quick skills to write documents and use tools such as not to mention.

a lot of really valuable, hard work, in the position of many product managers are not easy to reach. The company’s strategy, the framework of the product is mostly the boss set; the impact of product sales and user active work, it is to do the operation. From the business point of view, there are fewer full-time product managers directly lead the entire product line team, compared to the technology and operation easier. We often hear about CEO, CTO and COO, but have not heard that several companies have CXO (chief experience officer) or CPO (chief product officer). read more

Promotion of professional qualification training website line

in recent years, more and more types of occupation qualification examination, the number is rising year by year, enrollment of students is still the main basis of training institutions to survive, at the beginning of the training institutions have been fully prepared for, do propaganda, I hope to recruit more students. Luban exam network based on many years of industry practice qualification exam training experience, summed up the following admissions ideas for your reference:

, for the main site, this is the practice of many organizations, the candidates to the test center will sign up, but also the provisions of this time. Most training institutions will be in this period to the examinee queue of people sent leaflets, but have to be tactful. The first list must be printed, now this time or before a two-color printing paper will immediately be thrown away. Second, do not be a simple advertising, pure advertising like the ad in the forum as soon as the discarded. The best introduction brochures, price lists and teacher training institutions, training institutions and service features and advantages. If it is a brochure, you can also add a number of questions or simulation questions over the years, so I believe that we will not throw away. read more

Network marketing needs to combat

network marketing is a practical technology. It is difficult to say how much of the network marketing theory, but the things involved are very complex.

I have recently read a number of published online marketing books, to tell the truth, most of the theory is too strong, low combat. Sometimes it can be felt that a professor is sitting in his study, imagining the problems that might be encountered in the operation of e-commerce websites, rather than the real problems encountered by people who actually run the site.

many Chinese universities in the teaching of e-commerce and network marketing courses, how many teachers have to teach the national network marketing courses. But these teachers, how much is the actual combat experience? Writing people, how many have website operation experience? If people teach itself no combat experience, is nothing more than holding textbooks and most materials are also echo what the books say, without any practical experience to write, you can imagine what practical students learn how much. read more

On the feasibility of soft marketing

we live in an age of information and communication. The flow of information channels and the radiation of the media to narrow the distance between you and me. Even if you are in the depths of the boudoir, always with the mobile phone, receive all kinds of information of the irrigation and other computer equipment. The word "information" in the transformation of social economy progress today is more sensitive to the eruption of the infinite energy is huge, in the hot competition in the electricity supplier, "information warfare" is the focus of the struggle between the two sides of the dispute, who won the "information war", who will be able to grasp the source of information dissemination, grasp the advantage in the competition. So with the traditional media advertising hot rise, and brings a wide range of influence, more and more people are involved, a lot of money with them. However, everything is full of contradictions, the traditional media advertising in a huge advantage at the same time, the high cost, half effect, occlusion of the communication channels, falling in the rapid economic and Technological Development and the pace of people’s aesthetic needs and weaknesses are exposed. Is there a new way to share the advantages of traditional media, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises can afford, so many people think of marketing. read more

The user experience first do the way

some time ago 1 yuan CN storm, to sweep meters, hit a few meters double the number they cook, including my hand this is rotten rice. Why to sell a stink? Oh, hang out there AD too. Of course, in the end to find a place to look at the AD, or the purpose of writing this stuff is not clear.


we can’t do that. Just make a website system, simply change. OK, what kind of station do you want to do?. Think, do stand is my weakness, must avoid those complex problems. I do the work of writing, often write some of them do not want to see the modern eight shares. Well, do I like the site! Soon, one or two days, standing on the well, the data collected. Among them, there are some practices and ideas, come out to share with you.

, a station without the use of a picture, including traffic statistics with text, improve access speed. read more

Smart webmaster should know the promotion of new words

soft appear is not late. The reason is that the new vocabulary, because most of the individual owners to promote their role as well as operability and not too much recognition, and therefore often ignore the highest cost of advertising promotion means – Marketing soft.

from the previous case, the successful example of the soft is too much, of course, the first should be physical products. Some people on the Internet type of soft text summarized as four.

1 is the first suspense. Usually this kind of title should be a new and strange event with a question mark to attract the reader’s attention, which is widely ignored by clicking browse. For example, "who stole the 9999 roses?" "there is a mermaid in the sea?".

2 is the story of the second. For example, "120 million buy out the secret of" secret "behind the scenes" Yang beauty Title case. read more

Bucket meters part time for forty million B round of financing led Gaoling


technology news October 19th news, today announced the bucket meter part-time for $forty million B round of financing, at the same time fighting m founder and CEO Zhao Shiyong summed up the development process, a bucket of rice years, he said, the future will be committed to the service on a bucket of rice million people, will strive to achieve so that millions of people in the first bucket of rice to find work.

Zhao Shiyong bucket bucket a year of data, the current monthly mobile users, the cumulative number of service businesses 500 thousand. Online coverage of the country, the line has 23 teams in the city.

the bucket meter part-time B round of financing investment, including Hillhouse capital, Tencent, Baidu and the new hope group, A round of the old shareholders Gao Rong capital and investment capital with Blue Lake. This round of financing by the Huaxing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor. In addition, part of the A wheel bucket meter also includes 58 other investors, venture capital market group light and light capital letters. read more

Why planning special activities ineffective

a lot of planning to do a lot of topics, copy with a lot of copy, but the final effect is very general. We often see the topic, but you can not see. If we say that we do not have a special effect, it seems that the work of our team is meaningless. So, we are doing a special topic is necessary to consider the significance of this topic, whether there is an effect. Today, Chen Chen will together with you for the next planning special activities ineffective


generally speaking, we plan a special purpose of the activity is very clear, because there is no target, we do this special activity is meaningless. Secondly, we have to take into account this special event is expected to achieve a what effect, no requirements out of the topic is no one to see. Finally, we made a topic really achieve the original purpose, which is the feedback phase, we often find when special problems are in the final, so the early preparation work is very important. Leading to the poor planning of the special activities are generally the following aspects: read more

Wisdom advertising you understand the marketing is actually wrong

many people think that marketing is marketing. This is because the word is not good to sell, such as the original home sales into today’s face to face marketing, telemarketing telemarketing. In fact, these are marketing. There’s a big difference between marketing and sales. Many people are looking for how to do a good job marketing, in fact, they want to simply how to sell, rather than marketing.

so what is marketing, what is marketing?

is to sell short, nowadays people need something, for example, people buy rejoice shampoo, then you are two agents, you just need to sell your products to more people. It is characterized by the creation of a demand, just a simple introduction of product sales. Marketing is to create a demand that does not exist before this demand. It is through a method that creates a new demand, which is the real sense of marketing. Is a kind of selling more generalized. read more

618 electricity supplier giants than just the price and service they have tentacles extended to the

in recent years, large electricity providers to promote also affects more and more rural consumers this year, Tmall 618 appliance first single, 24 minutes to deliver goods to the homes of villagers, the value of the rural market so why business tycoon? Even opened a special village Amoy channel, expand the sales area, rushing to the author of this article is rural whitewashing? 100 think not the solution, until see this data: the original electricity supplier in the country, is such a big market.

data show that in 2014 the country’s total online shopping market in rural areas reached 200 billion yuan, and rural areas with more than 600 million of the population, with more than one trillion market potential. So, the electricity supplier in the countryside, there are some interesting places?. read more

Analysis of website brand and domain value

a lot of people think the most important is the website technology and operations, but personally think that is more important than technology and operation is the domain name.

do not grab a good brand domain name. Happy net smash hit, in Thousand Oaks bought the domain name, flow ladder rising brand using this is the domain name, do not have their own brand promotion, with the success of others to do their own stepping stone. Because users are aware of happy net, Internet will greatly direct input, instead of,. Chen Yizhou made a big deal on the domain name.

(happy network Alexa trend)

was also the brand invasion, 8684 bus network, we check the bus, all know 8684, but many users enter 8684 bus network domain, often inadvertently put into, which is related to the habits of Internet users, because most netizens enter the site is COM domain, CN domain name is not the also imitate, start a copycat version of the bus query, is the genuine public inquiry website. Domain names can be imitated, but data, resources, operations and ideas can never imitate. read more

B2C VC the search engine was biliangweichang malvertising trouble

last year, the newspaper had reported online mall vicious competition in the search engine advertising to discredit competitors malicious grab phenomenon. In the past year, this situation still has the enterprise could not emerge in an endless stream, go on, and resort to the law. A complaint before the reporter obtained shows, funded by Sequoia Capital, known as the largest shoe site "good music to buy", recently because of alleged infringement of rival reputation by the competitor to Beijing intermediate people’s Court of Haidian, this is the domestic first and the biggest one caused by the infringement of online advertising the legal dispute.

in real life, businesses want to put an advertisement in the newspapers, magazines, television and other media, need to submit proof of legal and legitimate business, advertising content also need approval in accordance with the provisions of law such as advertising, not be a "first" and "most" one-sided exaggerated words, but not at liberty to the proper way to compare and slander competitors; but in the network world, which we should abide by the rules, by some businesses ignore. read more

Double 11 over six adult returns of nearly 40% suffered first price and then cut

review: yesterday, the Guangzhou Consumer Council announced the 2016 "double eleven" online shopping consumer satisfaction survey report, data show that more than 60% of consumers launched a return of "double eleven" purchase of goods, nearly 4 of consumers said the merchant "first price cuts" situation. In recent years, the third well-known domestic electricity supplier rights platform, China e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform received massive user complaints about the price.

goods not board as the main reason for return

it is reported that, in order to further understand the double eleven online shopping during the consumption and consumers reflect the views of the Guangzhou City Council in early December this year to the questionnaire in the form of network launched the "2016" double eleven "online shopping consumer satisfaction survey, the survey collected a total of 1252 valid samples, of which 20 to 40 years old young mainly, equal numbers of men and women. read more

Domain deletion list March 5 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 051683821968

phone< br /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today……

domain name Trading Forum

Consumers buy fake Taobao is the root cause of their own

11 at the end of 2014, MA in the world Internet Conference said that Taobao is because consumers buy fakes in the greedy psychology. I heard this statement at the same time, in the hope that after the listing of Ali, changed; after the listing of Ma, also changed.


in Taobao – on the eve of a news from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce really hit the face of the LORD: "Caravan SAIC: Tmall Shop No. 1 Lasafo business platform is still selling". According to news reports, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce sampling Tmall, shop No. 1, Amazon and other B2C electricity supplier platform for the promotion of goods on the day of the double eleven, has confirmed the sample of 8 batches of counterfeit goods. Among them, the Tmall 3, accounting for 37.5% of the confirmed sample, ranked first in the other participating in the electronic business platform sampling. read more

Domain name registration number is the user said

      according to Beijing Yuyuexinbao reports, according to the domain name registration service level is uneven, individual services are not standard phenomenon, yesterday, the six domain name registration services, network in the power network, Guangdong, new Xiamen, the reciprocity of resources and the mainone company, more than and 40 registrars signed for the first time "Internet address registration services industry self-discipline convention".

convention launched one of the units of Beijing nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong said, individual registration services violations, to mislead users registered Internet address and telephone, fax, e-mail harassment and abuse users of the most prominent to the domain name industry to create a serious crisis of confidence.

is precisely for this kind of phenomenon, the mainstream registration agency initiated the signing of "self-discipline convention". Yesterday, the signing of the registration services to society solemnly made eight commitments, including not to mislead users registered Internet addresses, the user does not stress registered Internet addresses, telephone, fax, mail abuse not harass users, by users registered period, the user can freely decided to transfer the contents of eight. read more

Cross border electricity supplier diversified development trend

China Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released the 2015 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report. The report shows that in 2015, China’s cross-border electricity supplier transaction size of 5 trillion and 400 billion yuan, an increase of 28.6%. Which cross-border export transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 490 billion yuan, the scale of cross-border imports amounted to $907 billion 200 million.

today, Chinese e-commerce in the world has been in a leading position in Global trade continued downturn trend, cross-border business is becoming the highlight of the electricity supplier. Recently, held in Shanghai, the group of twenty (G20) trade ministers meeting, how to promote the development of e-commerce has become one of the key issues to participate in the discussion of representatives of the conference. read more

Faced with the temptation to do Wangzhuan novice

now the network, the temptation filled every corner. The biggest problem for beginners to Wangzhuan industry is confused, so that they can not start the tutorial. In fact, many methods as long as a few months or even a year will be successful, but many people do not have this perseverance. This is the reason why many veterans have been warned the couple must have executive power, the executive power, as long as the direction of good most people will succeed. The problem is the network the temptation is too much, today the day to earn 20 tomorrow, day to earn 50, 100, 200 day later, or even 500, so many people continue to transform the direction, but always heat for three minutes, ask how likely to succeed. Wangzhuan industry has never been a novice, then as a novice how to do? The best way is to learn, let oneself become a veteran as soon as possible!! learn from the experience of others, you will make many detours, let you become a veteran of your study in the field of read more