QQ group marketing how to operate the most effective

QQ group has become a compulsory course for network marketing.

and I also served as a number of QQ group administrator. Usually see those comrades who come send advertising, it is lovely and hateful. I generally do not T advertising, everyone knows that marketing is not easy. But some ads are annoying.

let me offer several people hate advertising form, let you learn a lesson:

came in direct advertising, do not say hello. Just verify that advertising, as if the purpose is not to communicate, but for advertising. This kind of person I usually direct T.

advertising scheme of the rotten, people like chewing wax. People see is boring.

for the second, I sometimes do not T, as long as willing to communicate with you, and even a little bit of advertising, even when the mood is good when pointing. Mentioned earlier, the network marketing is actually not easy to see them so hard to add mass advertising, and no effect, and sometimes can not bear. read more

How to analyze the SEO status of competitors’ websites

SEO is a long-term and systematic work, a website for the optimization of the early to do a comprehensive understanding of the website and the competitor, so that you can lay a good foundation for the future promotion of the enemy. Today, about how to analyze the status of SEO competitors website. Under normal circumstances, whether they have done SEOER optimization can be seen, then it is relatively comprehensive system to analyze the status of a site SEO.

first, the overall page layout of the site.

do SEO site is not necessarily clear and reasonable. There are a lot of sites in front of the home page is very beautiful Flash animation, this is certainly not in line with the concept of SEO, as we all know, flash can not be identified by the search engine. In the analysis of the site to see the site’s home page is not left to update the plate, for example, home page news, industry related knowledge, etc., which are consistent with the idea of website optimization. read more

No more than 30 days of detention in the case of Tomato Garden real progress

news September 18th, the tomato garden version of Windows XP author Hong Lei (net laden) has been arrested 30 Yu Tian, in addition to two suspects arrested outside, no substantive progress in the case of tomato garden.

August 15th, the tomato garden version of Windows XP author Hong Lei was detained by Suzhou police, then the tomato garden to provide technical support of Chengdu science and technology company legal representative Zhang Tianping, red Zheng Guobin and other technical personnel have been arrested.

intellectual property lawyer Hu Gang CCTV guest in the "Oriental Horizon" when he said, "the crime of infringement of intellectual property rights, generally requires a few points, the first is the subjective must be intentional, and for the purpose of profit, obtained by way of the advertisement income, are for profit; second, to have illegal income a relatively large amount, or other circumstances. The core of these two points, in line with these two cases may constitute the crime of copyright infringement." Hong Lei has admitted that the tomato garden version of the Windows XP profit, while Carrie has 2 million yuan the detainees, but did not determine the amount of profit by tomato garden. "I think the biggest difficulty with the tomato garden case is to determine the amount of money that Hong Lei can make from the tomato garden. Hong Lei’s sentence, according to its profit amount to determine, but so far, its profit is still a mystery." A lawyer said. read more

Wang Donglei responded to NVC storm Wu Changjiang owed 4 hundred million gambling debt

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 11th

around for more and NVC founder Wu Changjiang and the controlling shareholder of BDO more fierce, this afternoon, NVC founder Wu Changjiang and the controlling shareholder of BDO Runda held a press conference in Chongqing and Beijing.

Elec-Tech chairman Wang Donglei at the conference pointed out, but now regret too little attention to the original NVC affairs. When Wu Changjiang was on the verge of bankruptcy, and Elec-Tech through the acquisition of NVC 580 million shares, worth HK $400 million, making it from bankruptcy.

talked about the recent storm, Wang Donglei said, I had too much faith in him." Wang Donglei broke the news that Wu Changjiang owed 4 hundred million gambling debt, the interest every month more than 10 million, every day was run. Wang Donglei is still on the scene broadcast to the media recording. read more

Wenchuan earthquake personal webmaster should do

Beijing time 14:28 on May 12th, Sichuan Wenchuan county (31 degrees north latitude and 103.4 degrees east longitude) 7.8 earthquake occurred. After the earthquake, resulting in huge casualties and property losses, is a particularly serious disaster!

now the disaster continues to expand, as a personal webmaster, what can we do now many of the sites are up, and you?

I am a Freenet webmaster, a small website, because these two days is too busy, can only silently for the people of disaster areas in blessing, wish them all the best. It is late at night, I would like to say that I am here, just want to call on the majority of the personal site webmaster, stand up for our motherland this disaster to give our strength.

I now except in the unit of donations, to their own website one month advertising revenue donated to the disaster areas of the masses, perhaps not much, just as much as possible as an own strength, but also hope that more people stand out. read more

Witkey = never refund

The day before

was asked by a friend, want to use the Internet platform (Witkey) to design a website for his company (wine www.mmxo.com), to search through the Internet to understand the past and present of Witkey, and took some time to observe and analyze the current mainstream Witkey website, have some experience.

, English "Witkey" Witkey (wit: key: wisdom, key), is one of the 171 new Chinese Ministry of Education published in August 2007. Generally speaking, the use of the Internet by the labor and wisdom of their own, to help others and get paid, is witkey. Published as a Witkey task and provide Witkey task information platform, called Witkey platform. At present, all kinds of quiz website, task reward website, is Witkey platform.

is currently on the Internet China Witkey website, mostly follow the "task release – Publisher full payment – – bid auction Witkey settlement process. All kinds of Witkey website founder or operators from online search to the interview, it is not difficult to find in their business in time, in order to protect the interests of Witkey repeatedly declared, "never refund" is the core of Witkey mode is, after the publisher paid, not to return to their own money, if the task flow, only increase extension or waiver. The "core" in various online Witkey Publishing Agreement, basically is reflected. read more

Why the government website yellow body

Reporters yesterday, according to the

users to provide information in the search page keywords type " Yuechi county public network " and " Yuechi County People’s government " search, search results appear in the first click on the link in it into a called " sub EVA Mito & quot; the porn site with passion temptation, star photo, energy-saving main column.


website is the content of some vulgar information and not fit to be seen. Not only that, the site will also be automatically linked to the net color Daquan and the purchase of adult goods online website. (Nanfang Daily, February 4th)

since the remediation of Internet vulgar wind special action, has exposed the 7 batch of illegal websites. By the end of the 21 day, the law has closed 1250 dissemination of pornographic and vulgar content of the site, delete online pornographic and vulgar information of more than 320. Campaign victory. read more

Network letter office issued a network information search regulations pay attention to the proportio

National Internet Information Office on June 25th issued the "provisions on the management of Internet information search services" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"). National Internet Information Office official said, the introduction of the "Regulations" to regulate Internet information search services, and promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet information search industry, the protection of citizens, legal persons and other organizations of the legitimate rights and interests, safeguarding national security and public interests.

National Internet Information Office official, the search engine in the integration of online information, user-friendly access to play an important role, but at the same time there are many problems. Part of the search results contain rumors, obscenity, pornography, violence, murder, terrorism and other illegal information; some search results are not objective and fair, contrary to industry ethics and norms, misleading and affecting the public judgment. These problems have destroyed the ecological network, disrupting the order of Internet information transmission, against the interests of the public, the majority of Internet users hated, appeal to the relevant regulations introduced information search service as soon as possible. read more

How to avoid falling into a trap First you have to learn to be a logical product manager

data is a very good thing that can help us make relatively objective product decisions. However, there are a lot of traps in the data, if we do not have a good logic analysis ability, is likely to be playing with data and make stupid decisions. Today, let’s talk about the pitfalls and how to avoid falling into the trap.

Before the start of

, we first look at a few of you may have encountered in the case of work it!

buy goods 80% a user is a user, so when the user was found to be a user, should give users a more general than recommended goods

when the b value increases, the conversion rate of B function is reduced, so it should be limited to a certain value of

user survey found that 90% users like C features, so we need to increase the C function

according to the existing data found that D value is relatively high commodity has a higher click, so the D value of the goods should be ordered in advance read more

Explanation of the case the focus of controversy between the two sides of ZS the user experience

first said its own background it, no big background is a SEO practitioner + portal Operations Marketing staff. The year before last in the search outside the school began to dabble in SEO enterprise website optimization. All the things that were done before were portals.

Baidu update in a variety of environments, personal webmaster or an Internet group of thinking began to change, differences. This is normal, so don’t be afraid to argue. There will be progress in argument. Baidu began last year once stressed that the user experience these four words. So I said today that the statement is around these four words.

search outside view: SEO technology to achieve the network ranking, marketing results. The bottom of the practitioner is usually the original article, pseudo original, the chain of hard work, involving less profound thinking. read more

Music as the completion of the A round of financing valuation over 7 billion yuan into the music as

Abstract: LETV cloud has completed A round of financing, did not disclose the specific amount of financing, valuation of over 7 billion yuan, becoming the fourth Unicorn LETV ecological hatch, the first three are the film music as sports, music, music as mobile intelligent, respectively, have announced independent financing.

investment community news February 29th, LETV cloud has completed A round of financing, did not disclose the specific amount of financing, valuation of over 7 billion yuan, becoming the fourth Unicorn LETV ecological hatch, the first three are the film music as sports, music, music as mobile intelligent, respectively, have announced independent financing.

music as founder Jia Yueting announced on the 818 conference last year, as the music cloud has grown into one of the world’s largest cloud video open platform, the future to go to music". LETV cloud currently includes video CDN, cloud, cloud and ecological industry as the networking and other products and services, the world’s first VaaS model, with its full content of the whole channel sharing issue cloud platform, redefining the content production and distribution of industrial chain. read more

2014 network marketing five major weapon

now, network marketing has become one of the hottest in the world. More and more enterprises and individuals have realized the necessity of developing network marketing, at the same time, a large number of network marketing service enterprises. In the face of such large-scale enterprises and individuals to join the network marketing model, in 2014 the network marketing will become more difficult. So what is the trend of network marketing in 2014? I am here with you to analyze the seven tools of network marketing.

1 rich content marketing

2014 content marketing will become an important marketing model, from the adjustment of Baidu algorithm and so on can be seen, content marketing will become a weapon in the network marketing in 2014. As one of the main ways to get the authority of our lottery website system http://s.www.yikuyun.com/pro/daigou/ site and to gain the trust of lottery consumers, it is to create valuable content through a variety of channels. This usually involves the lottery industry information, providing insight and entertainment for the audience. This approach makes the lottery industry companies to establish a harmonious relationship with the audience, the development of faithful believers. According to the study of Content Marketing Association, the best way to sell lottery content is social media, articles on corporate websites, newsletters, case studies, and videos and articles on other websites. Through the use of one or more channels, companies can establish a positive image in the lottery industry. This trend suggests that mass marketing techniques, through television and radio advertising, are becoming less efficient. Instead, it should focus on inbound marketing, the production of a particular audience for the design of the valuable, attractive content. read more

Most of the domestic nternet start up companies marketing tools are still in the child level

at present, the company’s marketing sector is most keen to talk about the topic is to push". Evaluation of the ability of a market person, often depends on the number of people to promote resources. In fact, Party A Party B of the marketing, advertising and public relations, ability is not how many resources you have, your resources are free? If not, please stop and talk with eloquence. The ability of the market depends on your ability to integrate resources. Moreover, the task of the marketing department is not only promotion, but also the ability of market research. Do not blindly rely on big data, it might as well do some real market research. Sometimes the traditional means can get better effect.

have the means of promotion not only push.

push for the benefits of the entrepreneurial team a lot, we do not mention. When your project gets an investment, consider other channels. read more

Micro blog marketing just right


" is not good at all, what a mess, vegetables are eaten up. The broken places, too bad! Politics and study harvest: 1, after graduating from the grassroots! 2, after graduation, determined not to the grassroots!! 3 after graduation for all the death!!! Go back to lose weight, find a good man." This is a female doctor in Xiamen University with the school to the original North Fujian mountain national poverty counties to conduct research, couldn’t stand for the local environment, they readily make a complaint on micro-blog, who is "a ripple, the speech caused a great in the network. All kinds of abuse with criticism. Today I went to see the girl’s micro-blog, blog has been full of deleted, leaving only a apology.

It is often seen. similar things in micro-blog, when the "human flesh search" from the forum website transferred to micro-blog, the "micro world" is destined to be a restless child". The mobile Internet has brought explosive growth in mobile commerce, and the social network has a strong cluster effect, through the communication circle, among friends, making the word-of-mouth marketing peak, it is difficult to reach the other way. read more

The trick to enhance the flow of the site quickly

I’m not what talent, just do a few websites that is to do the utterly ignorant of technology, SEO is crap a chance for me, let me contact with the network, which went to the site of the road of no return since embarked on this road, then walk, no matter front the way how narrow, no matter……. Today’s theme is: quick course to enhance the flow of magic is why this theme? I don’t know…… when KING asked me when I just theme, played it to him.

accurate to say that today’s topic should be two: 1, the festival of anger, let you flow fire up 2, people should do what kind of website on what should be carefully, and everyone share my experience good nonsense not say, please abide by the order (following the start of) often in the jar or group to see some people in order to increase the number of IP, bored to death and even some of the new owners in order to increase the IP, even the money to buy traffic (unless you have a lot of money) and bought the traffic are fake traffic, results spent the money, has not been useful since so many people visit IP want to have more access to the IP, today I call you how to get more traffic China there are many festivals, such as Christmas, new year’s day, national day, Spring Festival, and so on each festive atmosphere is very strong read more

How to use the MindManager network marketing planning

MindManager is a very powerful mind mapping software, the mind map is an efficient way of thinking, is applied to study and think even in meetings, brainstorming "map", at present, the mind map has been widely applied in various fields.

MindManager is used as a traditional project management software, to improve the working efficiency of the project group, is an effective tool of resource integration and management, also we can use it as an important tool for network marketing.

today to introduce the network marketing planning tool: MindManager

network marketing system is divided into the following aspects:

a, network marketing planning

network marketing includes three parts, user positioning, product positioning, planning positioning.

the user location is the core, we must first analyze our target user, then according to the analysis of the target user to locate our products, and develop our whole plan according to the target user and products. read more

Blog perseverance to blogger24 recommendations

blog to persevere.

it’s easy to say, but hard to do. A lot of people to open the blog after the first month to write very positive, then the enthusiasm gradually disappeared. We must try to avoid this happening, decided to write it to stick to it.

blog is different from the QQ space and MSN space, is a diary which is not simple, it should be one of your learning tools, you can use it to learn more knowledge, develop their own interests. And serious blogging can also improve your writing, presentation, and analytical thinking skills.
read more

One week news review Tencent cloud disk function to cancel the synchronization held at Google O conf

1 when Ma is difficult to escape who can protect our privacy?

"if we change the ownership or control of some or all of our services or assets, we may transfer your information to the new owner."

imagine, when these politicians, business tycoons are spared, every one of us ordinary people and when? Below describes such a scene, although the idea is bubble future has not happened yet, technology stocks fell, but do not forget, the collapse of the situation not happened.

imagine what it would be like when Silicon Valley’s nightmare came true. The unicorn fell one by one. Have to use a golf cart and brewed beer to attract top developers and technology giants everywhere in the busy fire.

related reading:

who is able to protect our privacy when Ma was spared?  

twitter account exposure Ma Yun, Lei Jun, and other sensitive personal information read more

n early August 124 thousand a total net increase of Chinese domain gains reduced 2 7%

IDC network (idcps.com) on 22 August 08 reports: according to the latest WebHosting.info data show that as of August 18, 2014, Chinese domain total reached 8591028, growth and stability. In the early August (2014-07-29 to 2014-08-18) during the total net increase of 124846, the chain rose in early July, reduced by 2.7%.

(Figure 1) China domain name registration volume distribution map (07/14/14-08/18/14)

Figure 1 shows the

observation, in early August, the domain name registration situation Chinese stable, the total rise gradually, growth is good.

next, please comment with the IDC network with China’s domain name in the first half of August the total increase or decrease.

(Figure 2) Chinese domain name change (07/28/14-08/18/14)

look at Figure 2 data, IDC review network was informed that in early August, the total number of Chinese domain names rose from 8466182 to 8591028, an increase significantly. Especially in the first week (2014-07-29 to 2014-08-04) and third weeks (2014-08-12 to 2014-08-18), rose above 40 thousand, a net increase of 45743 and 48349 respectively. read more

Electricity supplier website will have a unified identity card Mall

[Abstract] the domain name is mainly for small and medium enterprises, in addition to China’s electricity supplier enterprises, foreign enterprises can also be used.

Tencent technology month on June 18th reported

today, the international top-level domain name registration bureau of zodiac technology announced that the Chinese top-level domain name – Mall officially opened.


Chinese international top-level domain. The mall opened mainly to the electricity supplier industry development, more in line with the Chinese habits, easy to identify and recognized by consumers, is expected to become the future unified identity card China business enterprise. It is located at the time of application in e-commerce.

it is understood that the domain name is mainly in the face of small and medium enterprises, rather than large, such as Ali, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, in addition to China’s electricity supplier companies can be used outside the enterprise can also be used. read more