42 new cases of COVID-19 in our listening area over the weekend

first_imgRecoveredNew Recovered Butler16 Worth Wright2 Wright6020 Worth3 Butler1 Kossuth161 Cerro Gordo213 Franklin Confirmed CasesNew Cases Floyd19 Winnebago111 Cerro Gordo1 Area Total39942 Winnebago Floyd16 Franklin71 Kossuth Deaths Hospitalized Worth3 Franklin1 Butler131 Mitchell Butler2 DES MOINES — Over 40 more cases of COVID-19 were reported in our immediate listening area over the weekend.In the time period between 11:00 AM Friday and 11:00 AM this morning, 42 cases were reported — 22 new cases in Wright County; 12 more in Franklin; six more in Hancock; and single cases in Cerro Gordo and Kossuth counties. That brings the area total now to 399 — 244 in Wright; 34 in Cerro Gordo; 30 in Franklin; 22 in Hancock; 19 in Floyd; 16 each in Butler and Kossuth; 11 in Winnebago; four in Mitchell; and three in Worth.26 more people in our area have fully recovered — 20 in Wright; three in Cerro Gordo; and single cases in Butler, Franklin and Winnebago — for a total number of recovered in our area now at 151.10 people remain hospitalized in our area at last report — two each in Wright, Hancock, Floyd, and Butler; with single hospitalizations in Cerro Gordo and Franklin.Looking at the statewide numbers, five more deaths were reported between Sunday morning and this morning for a total now of 607. 329 more cases were reported statewide in that same time period for a total now of 21,918. Winnebago Floyd2 Hancock226 Mitchell4 Mitchell4 Hancock8 Kossuth8 Kossuth Wright24422 Area Total10 Hancock Worth Cerro Gordo341 Winnebago11 Hancock2 Franklin3012 Floyd1 Mitchell Area Total15126 Cerro Gordo1 Wright Area Total3last_img read more

Former Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock teacher charged with stealing money from district

first_imgROCKFORD — A former special education teacher in the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Community School District has been arrested and charged with stealing over $20,000 from the school district. The State Auditor’s Office released a report back on June 30th naming 52-year-old Deborah Kadera as being responsible for $18,086 in undeposited collections, $3783 in improper payments, and $3162 in unsupported payments. Kadera was responsible for the money in the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Parent Teacher Organization and the district’s junior class account when the alleged misappropriation happened. Kadera at the time was placed on paid administrative leave and she later resigned from the district.A criminal complaint was filed on July 23rd and she was arrested on Monday and charged with first-degree theft, a Class C felony punishable by up to ten years in prison. Kadera is due in court for her preliminary hearing on August 14th.last_img read more

Sparks fly as Mayor meets vendors

first_imgLinden Market washroom facility By Utamu BelleSparks flew high in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Berbice) on Friday as a consultation with vendors of Mackenzie Market and Mayor Carwyn Holland and Councillors of Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) got underway.The lavatory facility under constructionWith the aim of the consultation being to address vendors on issues affecting them and to update on future plans of LM&TC, the opportunity presented itself for talks on the ongoing construction of a washroom facility on the eastern front of the Market.This newspaper understands the facility is being erected compliments of a remigrant. However, some vendors claimed it is positioned at the “wrong place” while citing sanitary concerns. As such, Holland asked vendors to decide what must be done regarding the issue. The majority of over 50 vendors present voted to have the almost completed facility removed.The Mayor said despite receiving threatening calls from someone in “high office” not to pursue the issue, it is up to the people to decide.“Permission was granted by the previous council, the timings I didn’t too like or appreciate and what we gathered two days after my being elected as Mayor, I would have seen the developer and so on. I calmly said, ‘could I see you in the office and we discuss this matter?” Holland related.However, Richard Hopkinson standing at the back of the gathering yelled in response, much to the surprise of those present, “that’s a damn lie, you went the first day. That’s a lie!”This sparked outbursts from vendors who were clearly aggravated by the response. The facility is being constructed in the vicinity of Hopkinson’s shop, and some vendors have blamed him for encouraging the move.While there were some who voted to have the facility removed, others said they welcome such an initiative. Some vendors on the Mackenzie market wharf even argued that the facility should have been constructed there instead, since presently it lacks such a facility. There is only one lavatory serving the market which is closed by afternoon.In an interview with this newspaper afterwards, Hopkinson said while he is not the person executing the project, he is in full support of it since it will benefit people in area tremendously.He said in the absence of a 24-hour paid washroom facility, people have been noted to utilize the environs of the market stalls to relieve themselves mainly at nights, as he explained the facility would put an end to this unhealthy practice.“All they are focusing on is to fight down the previous council. There are so many other things that need to be done in this community. I welcome it because it is a much needed facility in this community,” he said.Resident Gregory Parkinson who also spoke to Guyana Times stated, “a remigrant who is home and wants to invest his money wants to build to facilitate for upcoming events like the 50th anniversary and Town Week, so a lot of people will be able to use the facility, because it would be operating 24 hours,” he said.Another resident indicated that the newly elected council is wasting its time when the project should be welcomed.“The only objection is that it didn’t come through a certain channel,” he said.The issue has engaged the attention of Lindeners for some time, even at the level of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) recently as councillors Sandra Adams and Gordon Callender faced off during the council’s statutory meeting last week.According to Callender, the Mayor’s approach to the person constructing the facility is cause for concern since he noted that Holland did not even introduce himself before passing orders. Adams shot up in response to Callender’s remarks, noting that she was informed of the meeting between the two. In the end Regional Chairman Renis Morian had to settle the discussion, noting that it was not the forum for that engagement.last_img read more

Rice farmers burnt to death by bandits

first_img– botched robbery angered gunmenBy Kizzy ColemanPandemonium broke out at Good Hope, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) late Sunday evening, when an elderly couple were horrendously burnt alive by bandits who set their house alight after a botched robbery.Dead are Bibi Munir, 70, and Mohammed Munir, 77, of Lot 16 Good Hope, who were both prominent rice farmers in Region Three.According to reports, at around 23:15h on Sunday, several armed bandits invaded the couple’s premises but they managed to secure themselves in one of the bedrooms.The ravaging blaze on Sunday nightWhat is left of the rice farmers’ houseAfter not being able to gain access to the couple, the angered bandits then doused the house with gasoline and set it alight.Speaking with this publication an eyewitness said she heard what sounded like gunshots and got out of bed to investigate.“I was in my bed when I heard gun shots. I got up and looked outside and I saw the fire and ran outside. When I got outside I was shocked to see that no one was on the road even though there was a huge fire but I was not aware that people were scared because they heard Uncle Munir screaming thief! thief!”According the eyewitnesses, the couple was heard screaming for persons to break a door of the heavily grilled house so that they could escape the fire. They were seen through a window in the room in which they were trapped.“A bus driver started to honk his bus horn and then people started to come out to lend assistance but by then the house was almost covered in flames, so no one could really do anything. Uncle Munir was at the window begging for people to use chains to pull out the grilled window so that he and his wife could come out but the heat was too much,” the woman explained.She added that the now dead man was also giving instructions for neighbours to drive his two tractors out of the yard to prevent them from exploding to which a neighbour complied.Meanwhile, a businessman known as ‘Dumb boy’ told this publication that after he heard the screams, he went to investigate and it was then that he recognised men armed with guns manoeuvring in the couple’s house.He added that in an attempt to alert neighbours, he got out his licenced gun and discharged several rounds in the air.“I saw them in the house and I just went and got my gun and I fired a few shots in the air to alert people of what was happening.”This publication was told that Jamila Munir had telephoned a businessman in the area, Shiraz Ally, as her house was going up in flames providing him with details as to what was transpiring and pleading with him for help from the deadly blaze.It is believed the gunmen used the street behind the couple’s house to gain entry to their yard and eventually their house since persons in the area stated that they did not see anyone enter from the front (the public road) entrance.According to reports, on Saturday night a tinted silver grey Toyota Allion car was “lurking” in the area and it appeared “suspicious”.Reports stated that the same car was spotted again hours before the fire occurred.When Guyana Times visited the scene Monday morning, the charred remains of the couple were being removed by undertakers as relatives wailed in agony.Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikaran was on scene and expressed sadness at the ‘tragedy’.The police in a statement Monday said they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deadly fire.A team of investigators had already visited the scene and took statements from neighbours.The post mortems have confirmed the couple died as a result of smoke inhalation.The elderly couple leaves to mourn at least four children, siblings and other family.last_img read more

Cartoon: September 28, 2016

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President Tubman in Retrospect

first_img– Advertisement – The late President William V. S. Tubman There is perhaps no Liberian in the annals of the country’s history, other than William V.S. Tubman who impacted the nation’s history as much as the late President Tubman of Liberia. Until his accession to the Presidency in 1944, Liberia (its interior) had consisted, for the most part of a patchwork of different tribal nations so to speak set apart also by a patch work of coastal settlements dominated by settlers.These coastal settlements were called counties while the interior was divided into provinces. Western Liberia was ruled from Monrovia through a network of vice regents known as District Commissioners who in turn exercised jurisdictional authority through a system of chiefs under a Paramount chief. Tubman came to the Presidency as a virtual outsider to national politics dominated mainly by the Monrovia elites and wealthy up-river coffee and sugarcane planters.It is said during President King’s visit to Maryland County the young William Tubman impressed him with his mastery of Masonic knowledge, thus paving the way for his entry into Liberian politics. His tutelage under President Barclay and his subsequent marriage to President Barclay’s niece, a Monrovia socialite, saw his rise as heir apparent to President Barclay who he succeeded in 1944.Being the shrewd politician, he was, Tubman probably realized the exigency for change in existing relations between those of settler and non-settler descent. However, he would tread cautiously. Three years into his first term of 8 years, he declared suffrage for women in 1947 giving Liberian women for the first time since independence in 1847, the right to vote. He followed this with the convening of Executive Councils around the country, thus affording indigenous Liberians for the first time to come face to face with the President of Liberia where grievances and complaints against vice regents and other local officials could be heard and redressed.But alongside this was a vigorous public works program involving the construction of roads and bridges to connect the country. Many of the bridges constructed during those years are still in operational use today. He also began a program of educational expansion with the construction of public schools in what was then called the hinterland. During the period, President Tubman also became engaged more with the African continent where he turned his attention to the liberation of those African countries under colonial rule.Then Ghana became independent in 1957 under the leadership of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, a man with who President Tubman is said to have shared familial ties. The late Mrs. Viola Mckrae Gray, former Director of the Liberia Movie Censor Board, would later recall in her memoirs that she and her siblings including Nkrumah had lived in Grand Beribe in what is now the Ivory Coast until the family separated with Nkrumah and his mother returning to Ghana while she returned to Maryland county in Liberia.President Tubman also engaged with the liberation movements of Southern Africa, especially South West African Peoples Organization (SWAPO) and the African National Congress (ANC). He played host to Nelson Mandela and even provided him with Liberian diplomatic passports to facilitate his travels. And he did likewise for Sam Nujoma, first president of an independent Namibia. In 1961, under his leadership, Liberia and Ethiopia sued the racist Apartheid South African government at the International Court of Justice for illegally occupying Namibia then known as South West Africa.But Tubman’s greatest achievement was his creation of four new counties in 1964, twenty years after he became President of Liberia. By then he had consolidated his grip on power with the brutal suppression of the opposition in 1955. The opposition was in the main led by Barclay his former mentor. Following what was widely believed to be a fake assassination attempt, members of the opposition including prominent individuals such as David Coleman, Nete Sie Brownell and S. Raymond Horace were rounded up and imprisoned.Further he harassed his critics, prominent amongst who was the venerable Albert Porte, who he jailed on several occasions. Thus, his creation of four new counties was met with little or no opposition from the entrenched True Whig Party elite. Nevertheless, there were stirrings for greater inclusion and Tubman perceived this as a threat posed by educated individuals of indigenous stock to an entrenched settler grip on power. With the exception of the Superintendent of Grand Gedeh, the Superintendents of Nimba, Bong and Lofa were dismissed, arrested and imprisoned on sedition charges. That was followed by the treason trial of Ambassador Henry B. Fahnbulleh.Economically, he promoted what he called the “Open Door Policy” granting foreign companies the right to repatriate 100 percent of profits without restrictions. Under his watch, one of the most lopsided concession agreements in the history of Liberia was signed, virtually turning over to an American investor, Landsdell Christie, the rich Bomi iron ore deposits in exchange for a pittance with no benefit to the people. Liberia in fact recorded the highest growth rates next to Japan but produced no development. This anomaly became subject of the book entitled “Growth without Development”.President Tubman’s long 27-year rule however, left a legacy of despotism and arbitrary rule which this country has long been trying to shake off. His critics often refer to what they call the “Tubmanization” of Liberia where streets, educational and other national institutions were named in his honor, i.e.Tubman University, Tubman Boulevard, Tubman College of Nursing, etc. It was under his rule that the Imperial Presidency became entrenched and lives with us today, casting its blighting effects on the growth and development of a healthy democratic culture.President Tubman has been long since dead but his legacy lives on.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Footballer stabbed to death

first_img…after accidentally spilling drink on suspect Police in Linden, Region 10, are investigating the murder of local footballer Leonard “Lenny” Peters of Lot 29 West Watooka, Wismar; who was stabbed to death after he accidently spilled his drink on one of his assailants while at a bar at West Watooka, Linden.Reports are that the 21-year-old was at a bar when he accidently spilled his drink on one of the suspects, and this led to a physical confrontation between the men.This newspaper was told that one of the suspects reportedly went to his home, situated a short distance away, and uplifted a knife. Upon his return, he stabbed Peters once to the left side of his chest.Peters started bleeding from the wound, and was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), where he succumbed while receiving medical attention.Speaking to this publication on Saturday, the dead man’s father, Leonard Peters Snr, said he was awakened by his wife, who related that their son had been stabbed.The distraught father said his son collapsed a short distance away from his home before he was transported to the hospital.“The brother rush out there and see Lenny lie down in the corner there… But it ain’t happen here, it happen in front, and Lenny come and fall down there…they put he in the front seat of the car and they rush he to the hospital,” Peters related.He added that he later went to the hospital, where he saw the extent of his son’s injuries. “When I go there, they tell me I can’t come in. When I look, a set of nurses and doctors deh round Lenny… I see Lenny lie down in there, all over wash away in blood,” he added.Peters said the family was still trying to gather information as to what had really transpired, as the information had not been forthcoming. He noted, however, that the suspects are known to his son, since they had grown up in the same neighbourhood.“All I know is that Lenny got stabbed, and I heard that two brothers that live in front do the job.They grow up together as brothers in this place. I ain’t really know what happened there. But this morning (Saturday) I hearing that one of them go upstairs and bring out a knife and stab Lenny,” the older Peters related.He noted that, much to his dissatisfaction, the Police have not been forthcoming with information on his son’s death.“When I asked them, they just saying that they doing Police investigation,” the senior Peters said. He noted that his wife has since been inconsolable over the incident.A cousin of the deceased who was at the location at the time was also taken into Police custody for questioning.Peters Snr described his son, who was a footballer with the High Stars football club, as a very quiet and loving individual.At the home of the deceased on Saturday, relatives and friends gathered to give comfort to the family, but his mother remained inconsolable. The young man also leaves to mourn his girlfriend from Berbice, who is pregnant. According to his father, his was slated to be married within five months.Meanwhile, Police have since said that they have taken two brothers into custody for the murder. This publication was told that one of the suspects took investigators to his home on Saturday morning, where he handed over a knife which is believed to be the murder weapon.last_img read more

FA Cup round-up: Gerrard double sees Liverpool overcome Wimbledon test

first_img1 Liverpool managed to overcome the pre-match hype as two goals from Steven Gerrard helped see off spirited League Two side AFC Wimbledon to book their place in the FA Cup fourth round.The captain, in his first game since announcing he will leave the Reds at the end of the season, headed in after just ten minutes to put the Reds in front.But, despite a strong start, Liverpool soon began to struggle under pressure from the positive hosts, and, after a handful of well-worked chances, Wimbledon netted a deserved equaliser through Adebayo Akinfenwa’s close-range finish.Hoping to rekindle the spirit of their famous 1988 FA Cup final victory over the Reds, Wimbledon posed a very real threat for Brenden Rodgers’ side, with Simon Mignolet earlier denying Sean Grigg with a superb point-blank save and Matt Tubbs also going close following a route-one move.But, as the hosts began to tire after the break, their dreams of causing another huge upset were shattered when Gerrard stepped up to curl a trademark free-kick into the back of the net to put the Reds back ahead on the hour mark.Liverpool had a host of chances to increase the deficit in the second-half, but Philippe Coutinho and Lazar Markovic both shot straight at goalkeeper James Shea, while Rickie Lambert, who struggled on his own up front, also wasted a number of opportunities.Their wastefulness almost cost them as Wimbledon again went close from a late corner, but the Reds managed to hold on to set up a home tie against Bolton in the next stage.Elsewhere, Sam Vokes’ second-half strike rescued a third round replay for Burnley, as the Premier League strugglers hit back to secure a 1-1 draw with Tottenham.It was a drab encounter at Turf Moor, with fans witnessing a dreadfully poor opening half as neither team managed to register a single effort on goal.The teams improved after the break, though, and Spurs finally got the breakthrough on 52 minutes when Nacer Chadli found the net with a powerful strike from Ben Davies’ cross.But the visitors failed to put their other chances away, which allowed Vokes – in his second game since returning from a long-term injury – to level, the forward meeting a Kieran Trippier cross with a clinical sidefooted finish.The sides will now meet again at White Hart Lane to decide who will face fellow top flight outfit Leicester City in the next round. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard celebrates his winning goal against AFC Wimbledon last_img read more

Miami awarded Beckham-backed MLS team: official

first_imgKey details — when the team would debut in the league, the team’s name, the team’s logo — were not revealed.But the omissions did little to dampen the euphoria surrounding the announcement, which came after a tortuous near decade-long journey studded with false dawns and setbacks.“It’s been a hell of a journey,” Beckham told his audience.“I’ve got to be honest, it was very difficult. There were times when I sat back and thought, ‘This isn’t going to happen. It’s too difficult, too hard, too many bumps in the road.’ But I don’t give up. Nothing in my career came easy.”Monday’s award is the most definitive development yet on the saga of when and where Beckham would launch his team.The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England star was granted a cut-price $25 million option to buy his own MLS franchise under the terms of the deal which brought him to the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. Normal franchise licenses cost more than $100 million.– Logistical roadblocks –In 2014, Beckham announced his plans to launch a team in Miami, but the project rapidly became mired in logistical problems.David Beckham’s group secured land on which to build a privately developed, 25,000-seat state-of-the-art stadium in the heart of Miami © AFP / RHONA WISESeveral failed stadium sites delayed his consortium’s efforts, with Beckham’s team unable to find an agreeable place for a specially built venue.The pieces began to fall into place last year, however, after Beckham’s consortium secured a land deal for a proposed stadium project. Earlier plans for a waterfront site and others near the Miami Marlins baseball stadium and NBA Miami Heat arena fell through.The Beckham group, bolstered by the presence of local tycoons Jorge and Jose Mas, has now secured land on which to build a privately developed, 25,000-seat state-of-the-art stadium in the heart of the city.“They say that great things come to those who wait… we thank you for waiting for this day,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber told the audience, which frequently broke into loud cheers.Garber said Beckham had helped transform MLS in the decade since he arrived as a player, accelerating the league’s expansion and popularity of the sport.“The League has grown, and a lot of that can be traced back to David’s arrival in MLS,” Garber said. “Thirteen teams and 14 stadiums have appeared since his arrival in 2007.”Launch of the new Beckham-backed team will mark the second attempt to start a Miami-based MLS franchise.– Home-grown talent –The Miami Fusion, which made their debut in the 1998 MLS season, played for four seasons before being cut from the league after the 2001 campaign amid low ticket sales and the lowest revenues of any team in the competition.Soccer fans chant during an event to announce David Beckham’s new Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, Florida © AFP / RHONA WISEBeckham, 42, retired in 2013 after a 20-year career that saw him win league crowns with Manchester United, Real Madrid, the Galaxy in North America and Paris Saint-Germain in his farewell matches. He also played for England from 1996 to 2009, winning 115 caps.In 2014, Beckham had hinted at targeting high-profile European stars to help launch the Miami franchise.However, on Monday, he said he would place equal weight on developing home-grown talent in Florida.“I have had calls from so many players, top players saying, ‘I am in,’” Beckham said. “Yes we want to bring in top players from all over the world but we are most interested in home-grown players. “We want to build an academy, to bring players through, young kids from the area. To watch them develop as players. That’s when we will sit back and say ‘Job done.’ That we are proud of this time. We have to invest into the hotbed of talent in this city.”0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000David Beckham addresses an event to announce his Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, Florida on January 29, 2018 © AFP / RHONA WISEMiami, United States, Jan 29 – English football superstar David Beckham was officially awarded a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami on Monday, but fans were left in the dark over a range of key details surrounding the venture.Beckham took center stage in a glitzy spectacle to announce the deal, which included chanting fans and a videotaped welcome from a galaxy of stars including Serena Williams, Neymar, Usain Bolt, actor Will Smith and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. last_img read more

Russia 1-2 Slovakia: Vladimir Weiss and Marek Hamsik stun Golden Eagles in Lille

first_imgEngland and Wales’ Group B rivals played out an enthralling encounter in Lille with Slovakia beating Russia 2-1 and edging themselves closer to round of 16 qualification.Slovakia, having been beaten by the Welsh in their opening game, bounced back with goals from Vladimir Weiss and the classy Marek Hamsik putting them ahead before the break.Russia, meanwhile, put in another lacklustre performance and were unable to get a draw from the match despite Denis Glushakov’s header sending their opponents into a panic late on.Slovakia’s early forays were met by a tight back-four and the deep-lying Roman Neustadter and Aleksandr Golovin, allowing very little space for through balls.Meanwhile, at the opposite end, Artem Dzyuba’s attempts to occupy Martin Skrtel and Jan Durica appeared futile, with his best moments coming when he dropped deep to greet Fyodor Smolov.A left-foot shot whizzed over Igor Akinfeev’s bar as Hamsik looked to make his mark on the game early on, but he and his team-mates failed to take advantage of early set-pieces.Russia’s attacks were limited and when they did get forward they seemed rushed and wasteful as Smolov shanked a half-volley well wide, before Durica slid in superbly to end a Dzyuba run in the box.Smolov got closer to hitting the target with a curling daisy-cutter, but Matus Kozacik seemed unperturbed between the Slovakian sticks.Napoli star Hamsik was always likely to be a key figure in the game and, with 32 minutes on the clock, his wonderful ball to the left side of the box finally picked the lock.Weiss collected the pass and his shift inside sent two defenders skidding the wrong way, allowing him to shuffle right  and slip the ball past Akinfeev with ease to open the scoring.Russia’s attempts to equalise before the half-time whistle only proceeded to open the game up and it was no surprise when Slovakia doubled their lead.After receiving a short corner from ex-Manchester City winger Weiss, the classy Hamsik dashed into the box and, after beating Oleg Shatov far too easily, he whipped a strike in off the post, celebrating with arms outstretched in front of his own fans.Following the break, Russia seemed, once again, unable to threaten Kozacik, with Shatov smashing a shot off target and the forward players appearing to lack any kind of connection.Juraj Kucka showed flashes of brilliance in midfield for Slovakia but their opponents were gaining momentum in the match, thanks to set-pieces, while Smolov was denied by a flailing block from Durica.As substitutions littered the game, neither side looked in full flow and Slovakia were more than happy to sit off their opponents, who offered little in the way of a threatening presence.But just as it looked like the game was ebbing away from them, Russia hit back as Glushakov headed Shatov’s cross beyond Kozacik.The goal sent Slovakia into a panic and, having looked solid for most of the match, then seemed unable to hang onto the ball and repel the opposition.Glushakov scuffed wide, while Smolov, again, and Dzyuba had efforts blocked as they battled for an equaliser.It was all in vain though, and Slovakia take a step closer to round of 16 qualification, while Russia are facing the very real possibility of going home early. 1 Slovakia midfielder Marek Hamsik celebrates scoring at Euro 2016 last_img read more