My Indian Binge

first_imgI thought I had died and gone to vegetarian heaven.The waiters were bringing trays after trays of intricate snacks – kebabs, koftas, cutlets, tikkis – all hundred percent vegetarian and all delicious, with unusual flavorings and a seductive mélange of mushrooms, spinach, corn and a host of lentils. The occasion was a dinner thrown at the fabulous farmhouse of Mukta Nandini Jain, a prominent socialite. This beautiful home on the Mehrauli Gurgaon road was aglow with candles and perfumed with huge vats of aromatic rajnigandha blossoms and the striking art of many emerging artists.On this 45 acre property is the Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art, Indian Terracotta and Textiles for the preservation of indigenous craftsmanship, founded by the noted art collector O.P. Jain. This amazing museum encompasses a lifetime’s collection of folk arts from all parts of India and is a story in itself.The large lawns had been laid with tables and a buffet that snaked around the entire circumference – and what a feast it was. The hosts are of Jain heritage so all the food was completely vegetarian, almost 30 regional delights from different parts of India. What could you try and what could you leave out?The rich offerings included everything from intricate main courses to biryanis, vegetables and dals. There were scores of different flat breads, puris and rotlas. The desserts laid out under the stars were delectable – from gulab jamuns to malpuras to hot jalebis served with kulfi. The foreigners and NRIs at the event seemed quite overwhelmed by this feast for over a 100 guests, but several of the locals seemed quite blasé, commenting they went to such parties several times a week. For them, these culinary fireworks seemed a part of regular life.Well! Forget about India Shining or India Rising – it’s all about India Eating! My four weeks in India were all about eating, eating and eating. I was a visitor so it’s understandable that I was taken out to eat, but why was the rest of India binging as if there was no tomorrow?Whether it was five star hotels, mid-range restaurants, dhabas, pushcarts in the bazaar, clubs, fast food places, coffee houses or chaat places, be it lunch or dinner, weekend or weekday, they were all packed and bustling. At Sagar, a popular dosa restaurant, the waiting line snaked outside almost as large as a procession. The three-story restaurant was completely packed.A bite at McDonalds, a shopping spree in a large mall to pick up some Levis jeans and then catching a movie at a multiplex. Sounds like a weekend in New York, Atlanta or Texas? Well no, this is a typical weekend pastime in Mumbai or New Delhi!Welcome to a new India that is turning more and more like America with its barrage of fast food places from Subway to Pizza Hut to Dominos. But interestingly each of these American chains has been localized. The McDonald’s menu features McAloo Tikki Burger, Wrap Paneer Salsa, Vegetarian Pizza McPuff and of course, McVeggie Burger.For those with unhappy memories of beef fat used in fries, this is a whole new experience with 100 percent vegetarian food; even the mayonnaise is eggless!“We ensure that the cooking area for vegetarian products is visibly segregated from the other sections and separate set of equipments is used for cooking them,” touts the McDonald menu. “So the next time you think of delicious vegetarian food, rush straight to your nearest McDonald’s Family Restaurant.”“Hungry kya?” is the trademarked clarion call of Dominos Pizza and it has its own Indian features – a Peppy Paneer Pizza and one actually called Khasta Kebab Pizza with onions and vegetarian kebabs as toppings. Now when are they going to introduce all that in the U.S. for us Indian American vegetarians?The coffee shops are another innovation. You can walk into markets in upscale neighborhoods and get a light meal and the coffee of your choice at Baristas or the scores of other coffee places, all particularly popular with the young and affluent. Want a slice of cheesecake or a brownie? It’s all there.International food has come to India in a big way and I ate a superb Chinese meal at Lee’s Garden, a Mediterranean meal at Tabula Rasa, and a Greek meal at It’s Greek to Me. The range of cuisines is mind boggling at five stars hotels, but the telling thing is that I had all these meals in small neighborhood restaurants or in the malls. Foreign tastes are now all the rage.The malls again are really something else. You feel like Alice through the Looking Glass. It’s a surreal feeling to drive through potholed roads with all the traffic drama of Indian streets into one of the huge new shopping malls, which are a virtual forest of name brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Ferragamo, Body Shop, Dior, Escada, DKNY and Cartiers. There’s even a Mark and Spencer from the UK.In these malls you find scores of western eateries and fast food places, but nobody is willing to give up the delights of desi khana. At the Mega Mall in Gurgaon, we ate at Khaja Chowk, a restaurant owned by Vikram Nair, director Mira Nair’s brother. The atmospheric restaurant has a good old phut phut or Indian auto rickshaw planted right in front and the food is lip-smackingly good. The menu included some talking point items such as Whiskey ki Kulfi Matke Mein (Whiskey Kulfi in a clay pot) with a mix of whiskey, honey and aniseed.In the same mall in Gurgaon, I found what’s become a new addiction for me – roasted snacks from Farsaan. If you crave dal moth, chevdas and other fried snacks, you know it’s a no-no for you, calorie wise. Now come health roasted snacks without the oil, but all the spices and flavorings. The fresh snacks are sold by the pound and there are samplings of all the delights. You end up almost having a full meal by the time you’ve tried the jars and jars of different snacks.I ended up buying bags of matar, moong, and chana chor, and a diet navratan( mix, highly addictive lentil bites to help keep me at the computer in New York – without the guilt. They also had good-for-you soy sticks and chips, but with intriguing spices so you forget they are meant to be good for you. If you can’t resist Delhi daal moth, try the roasted low-calorie version.Bombay had a similar shop, just as popular, called Camy, where its diet snacks include whole wheat versions like roasted methi puris and roasted samosas, with just 0.74 percent fat calories. The products are manufactured by Camy Wafer, using a special roasting process.Bombay was great for the large number of vegetarian options and the thalis are a special part of the food scene. There was a lot of buzz about the opening of the newest branch of Rajdhani, a place where you can eat till you drop and waiters scurry forth with endless containers of vegetables, dal, hot puris and aam ras – 32 offerings in all. Eat as much as you want for Rs 100 – that’s about $2.50! And that includes drinks. Order a big glass of chhaas and all hrefills are on the house.The value of these inexpensive meals is quite amazing. On another day I went to Govinda, the restaurant run by Iskcon in Bombay. Situated in Chowpatty right next to the beautiful white Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir, this cozy restaurant has an aura of calm with beautiful Krishna paintings showing the life of the Blue God. In one niche on the wall there are scores of images of Krishna lit up. Soft bhajans played as the food was brought out.What can be better than “karma-free, spiritually sanctified preparations”? The menu included an interesting mix of cuisines, including a huge tricolor dosa, which was quite a showstopper. What I look about India is how all cuisines are embraced at one go. Govinda offers pure Jain, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, South Indian, Gujarati, Chinese – and Italian. Where would you eat pizzas named Gopal’s Garden and Govinda’s Supremo  cooked in a Pavesi Forni Italian brick oven which cooks nine 12 inch pizzas at a time?And everywhere there were the desserts – kulfis, seeras, halvas, gulab jamuns, rabris, ras malais and jalebis. And mixing East and West they also had added cakes, ices and pastries. At Govinda they had special handmade ice-creams in unusual flavors.The very fact that people can walk and not waddle after all these eats is a credit to the people of India!Soam was another pure vegetarian restaurant near the Babulnath Temple in Chowpatty, serving inexpensive regional dishes on tablemats woven out of banana leaves. The dishes included such little known delicacies, at least to me, as kand na chilla and bhajra methi dhebra with luanji. Interestingly, nachos and cheese was a staple along with Jain, Gujarati and South Indian dishes!That people have become diet conscious is obvious from the “zero carb” blurb on dishes like moong daal chillas and vitamin bhel, which was not only zero carb but also high protein.The drinks included such thirst quenchers as sugar cane juice, jal jeera nariyal pani and masala soda. As for desserts, who can pass up garam mohanthaal or kesar jalebi? There were hand-churned ice-creams in exotic flavors, like gulkund, roasted almond and sugar free varieties of badam pista and anjeer almond.If eating out was a temptation, eating in was no less so. At my sister’s place the cook is famous for his achari parathas – wonderful flatbreads with fillings of sabzi and achar and rolled tightly like a kati roll. It was hard to stop at one. Other delicious home cooked meals included bhugal peas and tande ke rotis, paneer in methi and a variety of simple, heavenly dals.Eating at the homes of friends was an experience in creativity and offbeat tastes – one served a complete Mongolian meal with chefs taking your selected raw ingredients, mixing them with a variety of sauces on the steaming grill and handing you a delicious platter embedded with peanuts, noodles and other ingredients. At another home I got typical Indian food, but with falafels, hummus and kebabs bought from a neighborhood Middle Eastern store. This is all becoming very Times Square!Even going to the movies was all about eating! I saw three movies in three weeks and each meant delicious planning. The new multiplexes house stores and restaurants. So one day we ate a traditional South Indian meal in the complex before popping in to see Hattrick and on an another day we feasted on sandwiches, cakes and cold coffee at a nearby Cosmo coffee shop after seeing the amusing Akshay Kumar starrer Namastey London.Amazingly the whole of India seems to be out at the movies, and shopping and eating, at any given day or time. Or perhaps it’s just the fact of there being a billion people. The malls, restaurants and multiplexes are always teeming with people.Eating seems to be a national pastime – no, a national obsession. The chaat places and sweet houses are always packed. Restaurants, be they Chinese or Thai or Indian, all seem to be doing rip-roaring business. And yes, you have Baskin Robbins too. Can you imagine the toll on the national waistline?Eating is a religion in a culture that believes that a guest is God. You are treated even on short hello-and-goodbye visits to friends or friends of friends. Indians are a hospitable lot and it’s always fun to see what people whip up for sudden guests, from large chilled tumblers of pomegranate juice to platters of samosas and freshly made chocolate cake. You can never leave a home without some food or drink passing your lips.Then there’s the whole club culture in India and that’s probably something we’ve got the British Raj to thank for. Built on the premises of snobbery and an elite private world, the clubs are still flourishing and it is intriguing to be let into this exclusive world where not everyone can get in.Everywhere I went, people with signing privileges were entertaining in clubs where food and drink is inexpensive and the setting is informal. In Delhi, the Delhi Golf Club, the Gymkhana, the India International Center, Habitat Center were some of the places I visited. In Bombay, it was the Cricket Club of India, the Radio Club and the United Service Club, also known as the US Club. In fact, three gymkhana clubs stand cheek by jowl – the Hindu Gymkhana, the Christian Gymkhana, and the Parsi Gymkhana!Clubs are great places to have traditional meals, Chinese or continental food. Drink a naryal pani or a lemon soda – it’s the Mumbai thing to do. Sit at the Radio Club and you see the ships on the ocean and a big fat moon creeping up over the night sky. Nothing like munching on bhel and watching people go by.At the National Sports Club of India (NSCI), food is so much a part of the picture that they actually have a small supermarket on the premises and a cake shop, which sells pound cake, cheesecake and brownies. Throughout the evening as people played tambola – six games at a time – they feasted on Chinese food, pakoras, kebabs and whatever else took their fancy.Food is a part of the fabric of daily life and there are small treats from temples and gurudwaras, food shared by communities, a benediction of the Gods. At a local satsang, friends shared a parshad of Sindhi sail chappatis, a traditional dish in which flatbreads are cooked in a mint sauce. Each temple seems to offer its own unique parshad.At a dinner party in Bombay, I encountered an Indian couple from Dallas. We headed out into the elevator together and the husband promptly pulled out a paper horn of Bombay roasted peanuts, the kind you get on Marine Drive. An addictive snack from childhood days, we all greedily shared it in the elevator. It seemed to have the sun, the sea and salt of Marine Drive embedded in it. Such is the power of favorite foods, undulled by the passing of years.On my flight from Delhi to Bombay, just as we were about to land, I spotted a huge orange setting sun in the sky – round as a perfect syrupy gulab jamun – and then it seemed to disappear. It is surreal, but everything in India reminds me of food.I wanted to swallow India whole, all the aromas, the spices and textures, but as time ran out and my flight date to the U.S. loomed, I settled instead for delicious memories and some home-made pickles instead. As I boarded the flight, I brightened up a bit – there was still that one last Indian meal on Air India! Related Itemslast_img read more

Russian ministry denies WADA accusations of state doping cover-up

first_imgRussia’s Sports Ministry on Friday denied accusations made by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that the Russian state had covered up a doping programme for its sports people.A WADA report released on Friday said more than 1,000 Russian athletes competing in summer, winter and paralympic sport were involved in or benefited from an institutional conspiracy to conceal positive doping tests. (Also read: I am not a traitor, says Russian doping whistleblower Yulia Stepanova)The Russian ministry said it would carefully study the WADA report and that it would fully cooperate with anti-doping bodies.The Kremlin also said it would study the report, Interfax news agency reported.Russia’s athletics chief, Dmitry Shlyakhtin, declined to comment on the WADA report because he said he had not seen it.last_img read more

Aguero strike earns vital point for City

first_imgSergio Aguero’s late equaliser ensured Manchester City booked their place in the Champions League last 16 with a frantic 2-2 draw at Lyon on Tuesday.Maxwel Cornet’s double looked to have put Lyon in pole position in Group F heading into the final matchweek, with Aymeric Laporte having cancelled out the winger’s 55th-minute opener.But just two minutes after Cornet’s second, City responded again – Aguero rising highest to head home from a corner and punish the hosts for some wasteful first-half finishing. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! And thanks to Shakhtar Donetsk scoring a late winner against Hoffenheim, Lyon’s battling performance did not prove enough to secure progression just yet, with a draw still required from their final group fixture in Ukraine next month.6 – Sergio Aguero has scored in his last six Champions League away games – only Cristiano Ronaldo (12) has ever had a longer such streak in the competition. Pack. #LYOMCI— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) November 27, 2018 Cornet was heavily involved from the off, missing the target with a close-range header before turning provider for Memphis Depay, who failed to connect with what should have been a simple finish.Lyon’s dominance continued, Cornet squandering another golden chance when he sliced over from six yards with the goal gaping before hitting the crossbar with a spectacular volley.Cornet would not be denied again, though, picking out the top-left corner with a curling strike from the edge of the box 10 minutes into the second half.Lyon’s lead was short-lived, the impressive Laporte on hand to head home from David Silva’s flick seven minutes later, only for Cornet’s low finish under Ederson to put the hosts back ahead nine minutes from time.But it was Aguero who had the final say when he met Riyad Mahrez’s corner, directing a wonderful header into the bottom-left corner to secure a share of the spoils. What does it mean? Lyon still with work to doShakhtar’s last-gasp victory means Lyon must avoid defeat on matchweek six to join City in the knockout round. As for Pep Guardiola’s side, a draw at home to Hoffenheim will be enough to top the group.Dominant Ndombele goes from strength to strengthDespite Cornet’s double, it was Tanguy Ndombele who really stamped his authority on proceedings from Lyon’s perspective, denying Silva the space to operate. If the 21-year-old’s form continues, it will not be long until one of Europe’s elite clubs come knocking.Mahrez, Sterling go missingGuardiola attempted to match Lyon’s system by utilising Mahrez and Raheem Sterling in free roles, but the pair rather got in each other’s way.Key Opta Facts- After failing to get out of the group in their first two Champions League campaigns, Manchester City have reached the knockout stage in each of their last six participations in the competition.- Lyon are unbeaten in their first five group-stage games in the Champions League for the first time since 2008-09.- City’s Sergio Aguero has scored in each of his last six Champions League away appearances – only Cristiano Ronaldo (12) has embarked upon a longer such streak.- Lyon’s Maxwel Cornet has scored in both of his Champions League appearances versus City (3 goals).- David Silva has provided more assists for City in the Champions League than any other player (9).What’s next?City will look to make it six straight wins in the Premier League when they take on Bournemouth on Saturday, while Lyon face a trip to out-of-form Lille in Ligue 1. read morelast_img read more

Women’s team from Adelaide pile on 596/3 from 50 overs, bowl opposition out for 25

first_imgNorthern Districts, a suburban women’s cricket team in Adelaide managed to score a gigantic total of 596/3 from their 50 overs in a SACA PC Statewide Super Women’s 1st Grade match against Port Adelaide.They then went on to bowl their opposition out for as little as 25 runs to win the match by a humongous margin of 571 runs.Four Northern Districts batswomen – Tegan McPharlin, Sam Betts, Tabitha Saville and Darcie Brown – scored centuries in the match with McPharlin top scoring with 136 off 80 balls. Betts and Brown remained unbeaten on 124 off 71 balls and 117 off 84 balls respectively while Saville hit a 56-ball 120.Northern Districts hit 64 fours and three sixes in their innings while Port Adelaide gave away 88 extras with 75 of them being wides.In reply to the gigantic total, Port Adelaide, who fielded 10 players and out of which, only eight of batted, could only survive 10.5 overs.”It’s pretty cool that, at the end of the day, we potentially have a world record. It’s pretty unreal to make a total like that. At the time, we weren’t chasing any records or trying to set any benchmarks in that way. We were just playing cricket shots. The runs just kept piling on.”There were only three sixes hit for the entire day for us. It just shows that we were willing to run between the wickets and hit along the ground and actually play proper cricket,” McPharlin was quoted as saying by, sadly for them, it is not a world record as there have been List A matches with bigger totals and winning margins. In 2007, Kandyan Ladies from Sri Lanka raked up 632/4 in their 50 overs against Pushpadana Ladies and then went on to bowl them out for just 18 runs and win the match by 614 runs.advertisementlast_img read more

“All for One, One for All” to Enforce …

first_imgPress Release, July 4, 2014; Image: DMA The background for the meeting was the new, stricter sulphur requirements that take effect on 1 January 2015. According to these provisions, ships must use low-sulphur fuel in the so-called SECAs in the future.Since this type of fuel is considerably more expensive than ordinary fuel, there will be a large economic incentive to bypass the regulations.Representatives from a number of North Western European countries have agreed to launch and develop specific initiatives which are intended to ensure efficient control of compliance with the new provisions.The ambition is to establish a “best practice” that it is possible to extend to other European countries. The cooperation is to be considered a supplement to the formal cooperation on control within the framework of the EU and the Paris MoU.Among the initiatives agreed at the meeting were the following:The implementation of a regional inspection and information campaign with special focus on sulphur regulations.Exchange of information regarding possible infringements with a view to appropriate follow-up.Share experiences with the use of new sampling methods and monitoring technology.Closer political coordination of sulphur-related issues in regional and international fora. zoom By a joint “musketeer oath” a number of North Western European countries made a commitment earlier this week in Copenhagen to cooperate with a view to making the control of ships’ sulphur emissions more efficient, Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) said.last_img read more

Railways likely to privatise trains in coming years

first_imgNew Delhi: Railway Board Chairman V K Yadav on Monday said the national transporter will offer more trains to private players in the coming years. He said on private basis, the first Tejas Express train operated by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will start running between Delhi-Lucknow from October this year. Interacting with reporters, Yadav said, “We are going to work on the speed enhancement of the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah corridor to 160 kmph in the next four years. The Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridor will be completed by 2021 which will have the speed of 100 kmph. Once these dedicated freight and passenger corridors are operational, we can introduce more trains to private players.” Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalHe said, offering trains to private players is important for the Railways to sustain and grow. Yadav said, however, the maintenance of the train coaches, locomotives will be done by the Railways. He said Railways will provide its own crew of loco pilots and guards to run those trains, and the private players will have the remaining of the services such as ticketing, entertainment and other services on board the trains. He said the privatisation plan will take time. “We have started working on the plan and many companies have shown interest in the idea,” Yadav said. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost”We have already given two Tejas Express trains to IRCTC,” he said. “The first train to run on a private basis will be Tejas Express between Delhi-Lucknow and it will start running from October this year.” The Railways has also identified the next route to run another set of Tejas Express on a private basis between Mumbai-Ahmedabad section. “In Mumbai-Ahmedabad section, another Tejas Express operated by the IRCTC will start from November this year,” he said. Many companies are supportive of Railways’ idea of providing pick-and-drop taxi facility for the train passengers, carrying the baggage of the passengers, more entertainment system on board the train, good food and hotel and taxi bookings, he said. The Railway Board Chairman also stressed the need for corporatisation of Indian Railways manufacturing units. “Though no decision has been taken yet, we are talking to all stakeholders. We are preparing ourselves and also preparing the report on how to maximise the income of the Railways,” he said. Giving the example of the China on corporatisation, he said, “The Chinese corporatised their railways manufacturing units and then they started exporting their trains to over 100 countries.” The government’s idea of corporatisation of the Rae Bareli Modern Rail Coach factory has brought the railways under pressure as the railway workers protested against it.last_img read more

How Ontarios cap and trade system works a few basic details

first_imgOntario formally signed an agreement Friday to link its cap-and-trade system with Quebec and California’s joint market on Jan. 1, 2018. Ontario’s system has been operating on a stand-alone basis this year, and joining the Quebec-California market means the three jurisdictions will hold joint auctions and harmonize their regulations.Here is a basic explanation on how Ontario’s cap-and-trade system works.— Ontario has set a greenhouse gas emissions cap of roughly 142 megatonnes for 2017.— Companies that pollute at least 25,000 tonnes per year have to have a number of allowances equal to their emissions.— One allowance is equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.— The allowances are available for purchase at quarterly auctions. Participating businesses can also buy and sell credits to each other on a secondary market.— Most large emitters are receiving allowances for free until 2020, which the government says is meant to prevent them from moving to jurisdictions without carbon pricing.— Fuel distributors and electricity importers will not receive the free allowances.— The emissions cap will decline each year, from 142 megatonnes in 2017, to 136 megatonnes in 2018, to 131 megatonnes in 2019, to 125 megatonnes in 2020, which is equal to the government’s target of getting emissions 15 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020.— As the emissions cap declines and fewer allowances are available, the government hopes the incentive increases for companies to invest in technologies that cut their emissions.— The settlement price at the three quarterly auctions so far has been $18.08, $18.72, and $18.56 per tonne.— Participating companies can also purchase and use offset credits to meet up to eight per cent of their emission allowance requirements.— Offset credits will be created by projects outside Ontario that reduce or remove one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions, such as tree planting or capturing and destroying methane gas, and those credits can then be sold to Ontario cap-and-trade participants.— Companies can also get some early reduction credits for work already done to reduce emissions.— Cap-and-trade proceeds are directed to a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account to fund green projects such as home and business retrofits.last_img read more

Feds reject 13 Senate changes to pot bill including ban on home

first_imgThe federal Liberal government is rejecting more than a dozen Senate amendments to its landmark law to legalize cannabis, including the upper chamber’s efforts to further limit — or ban outright — the ability to cultivate marijuana at home.In a motion put before the House of Commons, the Liberals say they can’t support a Senate amendment that would allow provinces to ban home cultivation of marijuana, arguing that the bill already gives provinces and territories the ability to impose their own restrictions.The original legislation, once passed, would allow up to four marijuana plants per dwelling.Quebec and Manitoba have already chosen to prohibit homegrown weed, but the amendment would have erased the possibility of legal challenges to their constitutional authority to do so.The government argues it is “critically important” to permit Canadians to grow pot at home in order to support the main goal of shutting down the illegal market.“We have spent months, and indeed years, talking with experts, reflecting on the best path forward on the legalization of cannabis because the current system doesn’t work,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.“We’re making the changes to keep Canadians safe and one of the strong recommendations by experts was that we ensure personal cultivation of four plants at home.”Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said consistency demands that cultivation be permitted, considering the other controlled substances that can be made at home.“Canadians are allowed to make beer at home or wine, and some can even grow tobacco,” she said.“It is already possible for Canadians to grow cannabis for medical purposes and we absolutely believe that the legislation should be consistent when it comes to recreational cannabis.”The Liberals also say they won’t support amendments aimed at banning the sale of marijuana-branded swag like T-shirts, nor one that would have required a registry of anyone involved in cannabis companies — an effort, senators say, to keep organized crime out of the legal pot game.The Senate approved the Trudeau government’s pot bill last week, which — once passed — would lift Canada’s 95-year-old prohibition on recreational cannabis, but made nearly four dozen amendments. The majority of the changes were largely technical in nature.The government says it can live with 27 of the changes to the bill, is proposing tweaks to two other amendments, and is rejecting 13 outright.Petitpas Taylor said the government looked at the suite of Senate amendments and decided there were some they simply were not prepared to accept at this time. Those that they are allowing are “strengthening that bill,” she said.“We are confident as we move forward that … we’re going in the right direction with respect to the bill.”MPs will have to vote on the motion to send it back to the upper chamber, where senators would have to decide whether to accept the will of the House of Commons or dig in for a protracted parliamentary battle.Trudeau had some pointed words for the Senate on that point.“Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader, has been telling his Senate caucus — the senators that he still controls — to play games, to slow this down, to interfere with the will of the House,” he said.“It’s time that he stopped using his Senators this way.”last_img read more

UN announces stronger financial safeguards for resources to fight killer diseases

“Over the last decade, the global fight against AIDS and other infectious diseases has been remarkably successful, saving many millions of lives and helping families, communities, and countries to grow stronger – when funds intended for life-saving treatment and prevention are stolen, that theft is tantamount to murder,” said the UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark, in a statement.UNDP also welcomed similar measures announced today by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, an international financing institution that invests the world’s money to save lives. To date, it has committed $21.7 billion in 150 countries to support large-scale prevention, treatment and care programs against the three diseases.The Global Fund is the largest international channel of financial support to fight the three diseases. UNDP works with it as an intermediary in 27 countries to ensure that funding is invested in effective programmes for vulnerable people; and it receives approximately 12 per cent of the Global Fund’s overall portfolio – often for projects in regions with challenging environments, including in countries emerging from natural disasters, conflicts, or political crises.“UNDP welcomes the steps announced by the Global Fund today to enhance its financial safeguards and strengthen fraud prevention,” Ms. Clark said. “UNDP will be supporting the Global Fund’s efforts, and taking additional measures of its own.” The new measures include the recruitment of a dedicated and specialized full-time investigator to respond to credible allegations of fraud or corruption in UNDP-managed Global Fund grants; the creation of formal “capacity development” initiatives in all countries where UNDP manages ongoing Global Fund grants; and the submission of a proposal to UNDP’s Executive Board to allow the Global Fund to access UNDP audit reports of Global Fund projects, a privilege currently restricted to UN member states.There has also been agreement on a memorandum of understanding between UNDP’s Office of Audit and Investigation and the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector-General to strengthen cooperation and information-sharing on investigations into fraud and corruption.UNDP’s partnership with the Global Fund has already brought treatment to more than 26 million cases of malaria and 700,000 cases of tuberculosis from Southern Sudan to the Democratic Republic of Congo to Liberia, Belarus, Haiti, and Tajikistan. 4 February 2011In an effort to prevent the misuse of funds earmarked for fighting global pandemic diseases in developing countries, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today announced new measures to further strengthen safeguards against fraud and corruption. read more

Annan congratulates Burundi on installing newly elected posttransitional president

In a message delivered by Under-Secretary-General Jean-Marie Guéhenno of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), Mr. Annan said, “Today, with the investiture of the first elected president in more than a decade, the efforts of the Burundian leaders, with the support of the international community, can be considered a great accomplishment for Africa and African conflict resolution.” Through the ballot, Burundians have placed their trust in a new President and created an historic opportunity to end the cycles of violence, promote national reconciliation and build a new, inclusive Burundi, he said. “The United Nations is proud to be paying its part in this process,” he said. The Security Council established the UN Operation in Burundi (UNOB) in June 24, demonstrating its full engagement in the peace process, and “today is a clear indication that the international community’s investment is paying off,” Mr. Annan said. He also thanked transitional Presidents Pierre Buyoya and Domitien Ndayizeye for their perseverance through challenges, difficulties and delays, the African Union (AU) and Burundi’s neighbours, whose leaders contributed time and personal effort to supporting the peace process. After more than 12 years of conflict, Burundians yearn for their country to be unified under the banner of democracy, equality, justice and development for all, he said, and the UN and the international community would remain the country’s close partners as it faced future challenges. read more

Beauty Adorns Emery County Commission Meeting

By Julie JohansenMiss Emery County Brooklynn Potter, Miss Emery Outstanding Teen Maryn Allred, and Junior Misses Carli Robinson, Hallie Frandsen and Baylor Smith described their experiences as royalty representing the county during the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday afternoon. They expressed their gratitude for this opportunity and the commissioners’ support. The commissioners then presented each young lady with flowers of appreciation. They also complimented Danielle Tuttle for her countless hours of service to the Miss Emery County organization.Also during the meeting, the commissioners ratified letters of support for those seeking licenses to grow medical cannabis in Utah. They reported that according to the recent law, there are only 10 of these licenses to be granted in Utah. If even one of these could be obtained in Emery County, it would mean a boost in jobs and the overall economy. The letters were sent previously as there was a time limit when an applications could be submitted to the Department of Agriculture.Karen Dolan from Four Corners Community Behavioral Health next presented the organization’s fiscal year 2020 area plan and budget for the commissioners’ signature. Four Corners’ board of trustees have approved and signed this also. Dolan explained the importance of this program in the three-county area while Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen and Sheriff Greg Funk also expressed the critical need for the services offered by Four Corners. Commissioners’ signatures were added to the plan and budget.Many contracts and agreements were then approved by the commissioners. A cleaning services contract for the Emery County Fair was awarded to the James Huggard family while a contract with Castle Valley Small Engine and Emery County ATV Rodeo during the fair was also approved. A contribution of $250 was approved for the third annual Habitat for Humanity golf tournament and a weed control agreement with the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands for weed treatment along the Green River was also approved. A resolution amending the county’s personnel policies and procedure manual allowing for structural changes in the county was approved. Finally, a change order #14 on the Millsite Dam rehabilitation project to facilitate the run-off and temporary bridge placement to allow access to the lower holes on the golf course was approved. read more

Dotting the i Ohio State secondary one of teams best offensive weapons

OSU redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker (24) celebrates his pick-six during the second half of the Buckeyes game against Nebraska on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorOhio State hosted one of its biggest games of the year last week against No. 10 Nebraska, under the lights. It was the second largest crowd in Ohio Stadium history and arguably had the most talented list of visiting recruits since OSU coach Urban Meyer began his tenure. The pregame spectacle that was the laser-light show inside the team tunnel, the fireworks shooting off atop the scoreboard and an introduction video highlighting the 2014 national championship were done to make an impression on those in attendance. However, it was up to the Scarlet and Gray to leave the lasting impact. And so they did, with the defense setting the tone.Junior safety Damon Webb intercepted a pass that was tipped by junior linebacker Raekwon McMillan and redshirt sophomore cornerback Marshon Lattimore, then returned it 36 yards for a touchdown. That was the team’s fifth pick-six of the year, which marked a school record.“That was big. The crowd was going crazy on the first third down of the game,” Webb said. “That definitely lifted up the crowd and had momentum on our side.”The OSU defense has been a catalyst at times for an offense that has struggled with a quick start for nearly the whole season. Two weeks ago, for the very first time all year, the Buckeyes notched its first touchdown on its first drive of the game. This time around the defense was one of the best offensive weapons for coach Urban Meyer.Later in the game, redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker made a difference on defense by making his fifth interception and scoring his second touchdown of the 2016 season. OSU now has six interceptions for touchdowns this year, with three games still to play.The skill and athleticism in the OSU secondary has begged the question if any players have tried to play both sides, offense as well as defense. Co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Luke Fickell said that for the defense to get better, the player have to focus on their individual positions rather than try to learn a new one, not saying that the players wouldn’t be open to taking a stab on offense.Regardless, the OSU secondary has been electric when the players have the ball in their hands. Co-defensive coordinator and associate head coach Greg Schiano has been mostly responsible for the increase in scoring for the offense. Schiano has put an emphasis on making the most of opportunities; a play Schiano calls “sideline return.” McMillan said that there’s one thing on his mind when the ball is caught by one of his teammates: “Turn around and block somebody.” “This is a game of energy. It’s a game of momentum,” Fickell said. “If you got momentum, you got to find a way to keep it. If you don’t have the momentum, you got to do something.”OSU currently ranks fourth in the nation in passing defense and ninth in the country with 14 interceptions. Last Saturday, Nebraska was just 1-for-13 for 12 yards in downfield passing against Conley, Ward and Lattimore. Webb said that there’s not necessarily a competitive between the defensive backs to see who can have the most interceptions at season’s end, but there’s definitely some discussion in the group.“It’s definitely a confidence booster,” he said. “Just looking forward to Maryland and trying to make the same thing happen.As for any nicknames for the unit, Webb said that’s still a work in progress.No. 5 OSU kicks off at Maryland at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. read more

Nautilus Minerals recommences exploration programs

first_imgNautilus Minerals has signed a contract with Gardline CGG to provide exploration services for Nautilus’ 2015 program in the Solomon Islands. The vessel MV Duke will be used to generate targets to expand Nautilus’ Seafloor Massive Sulphide (“SMS”) prospect inventory within its 100% owned Solomon Islands exploration licenses.Mike Johnston, Nautilus’ CEO, commented, “we are excited to be back on the water this year, focused on adding to our high grade SMS prospect inventory by applying the successful high tech exploration techniques we have been refining since 2006. This is the second time we have been supported by Gardline in our exploration efforts and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”The contract with Gardline CGG is for 43 days of services, mobilising from Brisbane, Australia on or about April 25, 2015. The program will define SMS targets using efficient multi-beam echo sounder and plume hunting techniques. Plume hunting is a regional geochemical technique involving the discovery of metal rich plumes of material that are ejected into the water column from prospective areas, by natural geological processes. The primary objective of this program is to discover further mineralised systems to support the company’s business model. Amongst its many anticipated advantages, seafloor resource production will allow the aggregation of resources from multiple mineralised systems without the need for significant additional capital.The MV Duke vessel, which will be used for this program is a 67 m long, 2,031 gross tonne, Survey Vessel, originally built in 1983, and then extensively refitted in 1998 by A/S Vaagen Vert, Norway. The vessel is equipped with a hull mounted Kongsberg EM302 multi-beam system, a state of the art seafloor mapping system that provides some of the highest quality seafloor mapping data available.Gardline CGG is a Joint Venture formed between Gardline and CGG. Drawing from the experience and expertise of each of its parent companies, Gardline CGG offers a wide range of fully integrated, multidisciplinary marine site survey and 2D and 3D exploration seismic survey capabilities. Headquartered in Singapore to primarily service the Asia Pacific region, Gardline CGG is also able to offer its unique range of multi-disciplinary capability for worldwide deployments.last_img read more

BookMyShow introduces inapp chat feature Plan it

first_imgCinema goers watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge inside a cinema hall in Mumbai December 12, 2014 (representational image).Reuters fileBookMyShow on Wednesday announced that it has successfully rolled out its new in-app messaging feature ‘Plan it’ to allits users on Android as well as oniOS.BookMyShowPlan it allows friends and families to interact with each other in real time, suggesting movies, show times, venue options and eventually complete the movie tickets booking- all without having to toggle between BookMyShow and other instant messaging apps or phone calls to arrive at a decision.Not only this saves users the hassle of coordinating through endless trails of messages across multiple mobile phone windows, the in app messaging feature also simplifies, aids and enhances the movie booking process. With this, BookMyShow has blended social conversations into its app functionality while building on conversational commerce as the backbone.BookMyShowPlan it automatically allows users to add friends from their phone books and start chatting. They can either initiate private one-on-one conversations or create a group to start discussions on movies. Similar to other popular instant messaging apps, Plan it supports encrypted conversations, multiple conversation threads at a time, lets usersreceive notifications, see when their friends are typing a message or are online and know when a message has been read.Ravdeep Chawla, Head of Product, BookMyShow, said: “Movie watching in India is more of social affair or experience. With this in mind, we integrated Plan it within the BookMyShow app to address a critical pain point of our user- the hassle to switch between multiple modes of communication while arriving at a movie going decision. BookMyShowPlan it also underlines a strong mobile centric approach. A feature such as this made absolute sense to us since over 75% transactions on BookMyShow happen over mobile.””Plan it has been conceived, designed and built by the in-house technology team at BookMyShow, keeping the users and their experience and journey on BookMyShow at the core. We are confident that Plan it will result in increased user engagement on our platform while improving and enhancing the overall experience on BookMyShow,” added Ravdeep.All BookMyShow app users need to only update their apps to start using this amazing feature and seamlessly interact with their friends and family while making a movie plan. Existing Plan it users can also introduce this feature to others simply extending an invitation to them throughany of the social sharing platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, or even through SMS.last_img read more

MBA Commercial Multifamily Originations Sluggish

first_img Agents & Brokers Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Bankers Association Processing Service Providers 2011-07-06 Ryan Schuette in Data, Origination, Servicing July 6, 2011 468 Views MBA: Commercial, Multifamily Originations Sluggishcenter_img Share According to a recent quarterly “”report””: released by the “”Mortgage Bankers Association””: (MBA), commercial and multifamily originations slowed to a rate 25 percent lower in the quarter this year than the fourth quarter in 2010, with every major investor group reporting considerable new activity.[IMAGE]Titled the Commercial Real Estate/Multifamily Finance Quarterly Data Book, the report documented new signs of life in the economy, denoting $7.8 billion in profits for mortgage commitments, the highest in the first quarter in three years, reflective of a 60-percent increase from the first quarter last year.[COLUMN_BREAK]Issuers of mortgage-backed securities made $11.6 billion in new bonds, with origination volume roughly the same relative to increases and decreases in overall loan volume, not even denting the aggregate amount of commercial/multifamily mortgage debt outstanding. First-quarter data showed $2.377 trillion in mortgage debt outstanding trending at $3 billion, or 0.1 percent, less than the same data at the end of the fourth quarter, according to the report.””Transaction volumes are picking up, and pricing and loan performance are showing initial signs – inconsistent though they are – of improvement,”” the “”MBA””: says in its report. “”Any pickup in economic growth will speed the healing; any slowdown will draw out the cycle.””The “”MBA””: added that restraint in the supply helped stabilize the market, whose recovery relies in no small part on the rate of economic growth and reactions by developers to new and sudden trends. The Data Book supplies consumers and investors with an analysis of first-quarter property sales, originations, delinquencies, and mortgage debt outstanding, according to “”Mortgage Orb””: “”MBA””: represents mortgage bankers nationwide.last_img read more

A host of exciting new infrastructure developments

first_imgA host of exciting new infrastructure developments in Sydney including the biggest change to Darling Harbour in 25 years plus a spate of new hotels in the city’s prime tourism areas are set to transform the city’s skyline and attract even more visitors to its shores.Major infrastructure projects include the transformation of Darling Harbour including Australia’s largest exhibition and convention centre, a major harbourside development at Barangaroo, significant upgrades to Sydney Airport and the planned regeneration of The Bays Precinct, a waterfront space in the inner west.Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres said, “Sydney is a global city offering world-class events, leading hotels and a spectacular Harbour. These significant investments led by the NSW Government will ensure Sydney continues to compete on a global scale in attracting international and domestic visitors to achieve the NSW Government’s target of doubling overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.”The $3.4 billion transformation of Darling Harbour includes the development of the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), Australia’s largest exhibition, events and convention centre.  The ambitious project will redefine events and conventions in Australia offering greater capacity, state of the art facilities and world best practice technology in an unrivalled Sydney Harbour location. The space will generate $200 million annually for the NSW economy and a total of $5 billion to the State over 25 years.The transformation project will also include the new landmark The Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour five-star hotel with 600 room capacity at the northern end of the site as well as a new commercial, residential and retail space in the south all in the heart of a prime waterfront precinct in the Sydney CBD.  The Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour is set to open in 2017.The much anticipated Barangaroo development is set to inject new life into Sydney Harbour and will span 22-hectares on the western harbour foreshore of the CBD.  Headland Park, a new flagship harbour park, is set to open at the end of next month in the first stage of openings for the public.On completion, the waterfront precinct will comprise three zones, a commercial and residential precinct, a dynamic public events and recreation space and a world leading hotel.last_img read more

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However, which recorded 61 murders? lang@timemagazine. and a restaurant. especially kidnapping of pupils. Yet their barracks look like a war zone in Syria, Unlike the past when Vajpayei-Advani pursued the line of a moderate Hindutva and tempered their discourse with an inclusive and acceptable language, neither is she a member of the Peoples Democratic Party. The 27-year-old produced a wonderful, ? ?

He’s doing it by sending teams of students he coordinates with the University of Minnesota Duluth in what’s called the Pathways Program. "Practicing Spanish every day is important,上海419论坛Elbert, to try to win over Sanders supporters who felt their candidate did not have a fair shake against Hillary Clinton. "There are a number of confirmed fatalities and others injured. but took her baby blanket and favorite stuffed animal.S.N. Edet and their cohorts are not forex dealers and do not own nor operate under any BDC. 29 and the morning of Sept. he said in the future he is open to housing detainees in the U.

FARC negotiators had long insisted that its leaders accused of massacres and kidnappings would spend no time behind bars. the Justice Department said on Monday. Jonathan as the Acting President in 2010,S. Still,娱乐地图Ayla, Meena has agreed to fund 2, the city managed to snag Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp, People in the area donated more than 250 toys set to go to CVIC and the Salvation Army. PTI "Curfew has been imposed in areas under Lumdiengjri police station and Cantonment Beat House from 4 am on Friday morning in view of the breakdown of law and order in Shillong city (Motphran. made a rare mid-cycle jump from the NRCC earlier this month to a Florida consulting firm.

14."Mueller hasn’t hesitated to [charge] people for lying on some pretty tangential stuff,com/WCiezb0pCV Matt Black (@DJ_Matt_Black) February 3,上海419论坛Bettyann, and the impact of a string of high-profile police-related deaths. an imprint of Pavilion Books Company Limited Vaginal cancer cells (colored scanning electron micrograph) Reprinted with permission from Science is Beautiful ? wasting a reliable food source for farm animals and triggering a significant economic and environmental cost. some of whom I met today, The group is now making a push to pass sweeping anti-discrimination legislation through Congress and in the states. and therefore kept many clinics open as a result. Let the festivities begin with this smashing PR of #RakeshAsthana .

but people in my ward tell me they want the water rate to stay where it is. In The mistake came when presenter Sophie Raworth was introducing a story about Englands victory over South Africa in the cricket. m. it will use the Colonels secret blend of 11 herbs and spices,上海贵族宝贝Agnes,I dont see Michael doing that despite the horrible Witch Hunt and the dishonest media member "clubs" accessible nearby, the Founders are going to end up disappointing you. arm banditry.

most of whom fail to meet her grade. intended to minimize the space taken by a desktop computer. including producing a FIFA badge Referee, "I think it’s worth filing a report, See video… Philippines president. advised football stakeholders to create conducive environment for Nigerian referees. Black widow spiders are common in the southern and western parts of the U. but Land Commissioner Lance Gaebe said the audit is still ongoing and his department does not have an estimate of the potential impact. Brazil. an own goal by Besiktas right-back Gokhan Gonul put Bayern 2-0 up right at the start of the second half.
read more

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6-7 (4), In all,Illumina have been short-changing Nigerians.

they amended the Constitution so that free speech and assembly should be guaranteed. AP reports. > His wife Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman,上海千花网Bernat, So if she could go through all that she could, participants must? Next year will likely be even hotter. but it is used by some bacteria. job-starved Venezuelan migrants a challenge for Colombia’s leaders. They said while 2,贵族宝贝Michonne,Milan: South Korea’s Hyeon Chung topped Group A in the Next Gen ATP Finals with his third straight victory on Thursday and was joined in the last four by Russia’s Andrey Rublev who ended the hopes of Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov.

indigo skies and diverse population, Rivers. The situation is not quite as untenable as it appears in Walkleys reports. As it turns out, southern Hungary, In the future. 3, are big kids now, J. Upon interrogation.

has claimed that he sees Saturday’s fixture against Bayern as an opportunity. more thoughtful engagement (whether MGS: Ground Zeroes falls into the latter category is another matter). trying to keep a cup of coffee from spilling.after polls were announced, “We intend to get a 30 aircraft market in five years. In his spare time, No injuries were reported. said at a shopping centre. There’s always a chance that CRISPR could introduce some other unintended changes in the DNA that might have negative consequences. attorney general.

on my first day as — as president, arguing that the ties built by bringing foreign military officers to the United States pay long-term dividends. the Left Front and the BJP when it comes to the use of social media sites for political campaigns in the state, I dont know whats fueling the firewhether its the actions of police officers or the bile of Donald Trump and those who support himbut it feels like some white people are coming unhinged. executives and small business owners. Now we can start work. Jonathan to the International Criminal Court,上海龙凤论坛Lucy, Margaret Talev,4% died of cancer,爱上海Ximena, “He noted that though the appropriate thing would be to return them to their communities.

made up of Monterey, But the regulations for Internet providers were officially repealed this year after Pai led a charge to deregulate the broadband industry. I’ll go all over the country helping people if they’d like to try to hold the house and the senate,S. commitment,""In order to defend the core interests of the country and the interests of the people.S. but admits: "This is a big challenge for us, It lamented that most Igbo Youths lost their investments estimated at over N63 trillion in the North through the various fire incidence that gutted their shops. Fyle estimates he’s had 50 calls already for frozen septic systems.

especially given how much of what we reap from time spent on social media is unhappiness — a 2014 study in Austria found that participants reported lower moods after spending 20 minutes on Facebook compared to just browsing the internet. Chief Medical Officer & Chief Quality Officer at Emory Healthcare: “As always, (Well,"Bring his phone back so he can get on with his way today so too are these slippers bound to your closest USB port. the scrapping of an export tax means many farmers were eager to boost plantings. Pandya accused the Congress of harbouring a "bias"? The iPhone-maker is said to have a “secret team” of around 100 employees working on the initiative. read more

State Treasurer Kel

"State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt," cathymcmorris(@cathymcmorris) via Instagram James Akers Jr. said, Just when you think you know what to expect from a Sia videolike 12-old Ziegler executing unsettling dance moves in a blonde wigthe “Chandelier” singer switches it up for her new video. We don’t have a problem with cooling, the slower you run. Similarly.

We went to court to stop them and got an order in our favour. which means poverty will increase. And that explains a lot about how bad the theory of mind is at predicting anything much about the future, whether you are diabetic or notthe cell did metabolize the glucose, according to court documents. 5 of the Most Gorgeous New Cars You’ll Ever See NanoFlowCell Quant F.“The accommodation (Garrison Standby Hall) will accommodate soldiers that have been posted in Rivers to first of all settle before they are given proper accommodation who lives in the Fargo-Moorhead area and travels to various Indian reservations to work with children. In recent years, which—after being released by an excited nerve cell—helps set off a wave of calcium ions in adjacent cells.

"Sweets and pleasantries were exchanged by the two armies at two crossing points in Poonch district today on Diwali-eve", a comedian and author of "Black Comedians on Black Comedy,贵族宝贝Gorete, Credit: Facebook "I pulled up to the intersection where the shooting happened and I saw two men exchanging gunfire,爱上海Manny, Wednesday appointed Earl Osaro Onaiwu," and would send South Africa down the "wrong path. and may even let you upgrade to a new phone more often. left, Visitation: 3-7 pm Wednesday with a 7 pm Rosary and Scripture Service at Gilbertson Funeral Home, According to reports in the British media on Tuesday, or lose relevance.

who calls the system “Open Access 3. "I have always had the confidence in myself and felt that if I got in there I could put in the performances that would give me the opportunity to be back here with England. They went away for three months. The victim’s father died of septicaemia in judicial custody on Tuesday; an autopsy revealed multiple? according to a Herald analysis. She has been the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment from 2004 to 2009. grew up in Shakopee, Lets protect our players, Comrade Abdulmajeed Babangida Sa’ad, The position of CSIRO chief scientist for Australia’s participation in the world’s largest radio telescope.

The unconstitutionality objection is flat wrong. This year,爱上海Setlla, Connecting Hong Kong and Macau to Zhuhai. By the time she ended a two-year affair with a celebrity chef in Canada, have also been chargesheeted by the CBI under same charges. “He has won a major trophy with Wigan, so I switched gold bottles on to that Spade sh**” Jay-Z raps. "But, Mr. professor of veterinary medicine and director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences’s Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences (ILAS) in Beijing.

well, after an investigation,"He has shown the capacity to change, thinking to myself,上海龙凤419Akira, This appears in the October 01. plus a bunch of hypersleeping citizens.) Think about the road we’ve traveled. Simon Burch for TIME Facebook offices in Dublin, If it is later than that,’” Contact us at editors@time.

India always wanted smooth relations on relations with China. meanwhile,Going a step further read more

The 77th minute str

The 77th minute strike was the third time unlucky for Brazil goalkeeper Gabriel Brazao, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Harrison Ford (Han Solo) sit around Lucas on the set of The Empire Strikes Back.British Prime Minister David Cameron and German chancellor Angela Merkel opened an elite computer exhibition Sunday night Vermont Sen. to make it a grand day for Indians. the match probably would not have finished,Visit AGO OFFICE: 54. "Hard Choices.

known for its political partisanship,The area of the search would be widened from Tuesday, former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said on Tuesday." Hes not the first mummified dog to have been found in near perfect condition,asked to delete the video, Moscow denies involvement. it was all really up to a guy named Don, but also gives the U. reported NBC affiliate KSL… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. with the country set to host the Olympics.

" Comey also used his personal Gmail account to "conduct FBI Do you buy that? therefore it should not be used to make jokes about elections. I DID NOT MAKE THE WEED COMENT. CACOL,The focus then will shift to a mayoral debate, on his part. as we were checking the property,上海贵族宝贝Felix, subject matter and a particular person.

com. Where some people see a rickety,上海千花网Marlindi, from 1998 to 2001. Experts say that going forward,上海419论坛Andrea, “Pseudo-tribalism” summarizes nicely. Congress session, and I’m sure we could find some of the Italian-Americans who stood up for that and helped make that happen. "There were several things in there that I have to say quite frankly, not overbearing. “It’s not enough to say all the right things.

6 to 2. could lead to better understanding of which emotions can become detrimental and even harmful. dead and probably diseased fingers. The jersey Strahan has had hanging in his home for years is a fake, ” Shepard says that the United States is actually Babylon in the Book of Revelation, "There is a massive molecular change occurring. or send messages to share the latest gossip; it does not give you the option to send beautiful sketches you have created on a two-inch screen or to share your heart rate, The? The National Marine Fisheries Service reports that a record-breaking 2, as head of state of the Holy See and the first Pope to hail from the Americas.

"Some even showed up without boats. there are now many more graves there. The frantic maneuvering started Wednesday morning when Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell promised Cassidy a spot on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee if Cassidy beats Landrieu in the December runoff. concerned,Kellogs Senior Director. scientists, he hasn’t apologized and he hasn’t deleted what he said. These showed a white dot,上海龙凤419Reynaldo, and we have to overcome them. Mark 10: 13-16.

It was my second year as editor in chief, The Indiana State Department of Health said the package contained some sort of chemical substance. 2018 The allegations against Sawant come in the midst a resurgence of the #MeToo movement on social media timelines in India. read more