Applied scientist Michael P. Brenner named Simons Investigator

first_imgThe Simons Foundation has appointed Michael P. Brenner, Glover Professor of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), a Simons Investigator. Now in its inaugural year, the program offers an appointment of five years with a grant of $100,000 for research support per year, with the possibility of renewal for five additional years. A distinguished panel of scientists in physics chose Brenner for the award.Brenner, who was a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study during 2011-12, also serves as the area dean for Applied Mathematics at SEAS. Along with colleague David Weitz, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and of Applied Physics, he is a co-creator of the famed “Science and Cooking” general education course. Brenner received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago in 1994, and came to Harvard in 2001 after six years as a faculty member in applied mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Over the past decade, Brenner has focused primarily on theoretical modeling in physical sciences and engineering. His research has examined the breaking of fluid droplets; sonoluminescence, the production of light from very high-pressure gas bubbles in liquid; the sedimentation of small particles; and electrospinning, a materials technique for producing small fibers. In addition to his appointment at SEAS, Brenner is a Kavli Scholar at the Kavli Institute for Bionano Science & Technology at Harvard University, a faculty associate at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, and a participant in the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Harvard. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Last survivors on Earth

first_imgThe world’s most indestructible species — a stout, microscopic animal with four pairs of legs, known as the water bear or tardigrade — will survive until the sun dies, according to new research from Oxford University and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).Tardigrade may be little but they are the toughest form of life on Earth. The water-dwelling micro-animals are known to be able to live for up to 30 years without food or water. They can endure temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius, the deep sea, and the frozen vacuum of space.And they can even survive the risk of extinction from cosmic catastrophes — asteroids, supernovas, gamma ray bursts — and likely last for at least 10 billion years, far longer than the human race, according to the new study published in Scientific Reports.Not bad for an animal that grows to a maximum size of 0.5mm.“A lot of previous work has focused on ‘doomsday’ scenarios on Earth — astrophysical events like supernovas that could wipe out the human race. Our study instead considered the hardiest species,” said David Sloan, co-author and postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Physics at Oxford University.Sloan said researchers were surprised by the extent of the tardigrade’s resiliency. “It seems that life, once it gets going, is hard to wipe out entirely. Huge numbers of species, or even entire genera may become extinct, but life as a whole will go on.”The research implies that life on Earth will extend as long as the sun keeps shining. It also reveals that once life emerges, it is surprisingly difficult to destroy, opening the possibility of life on other planets.‘Tardigrades are as close to indestructible as it gets on Earth, but it is possible that there are other resilient species examples elsewhere in the universe,” said Dr. Rafael Alves Batista, co-author and post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Physics at Oxford University.“In this context there is a real case for looking for life on Mars and in other areas of the solar system in general. If tardigrades are Earth’s most resilient species, who knows what else is out there.”The researchers theorized that the tardigrade will likely survive any astrophysical calamity because the events would never be strong enough to boil off the world’s oceans.There are only a dozen known asteroids and dwarf planets with enough mass to boil the oceans, however none of these objects will intersect the Earth’s orbit and pose a threat to tardigrades.They also considered supernovas but an exploding star would need to be 0.14 light-years away in order to boil the oceans. The closest star to the sun is four light-years away and the probability of a massive star exploding close enough to Earth to kill all forms of life on it, within the sun’s lifetime, is negligible.Gamma-ray bursts are brighter and rarer than supernova and also too far away from Earth to be considered a viable threat. To be able to boil the world’s oceans the burst would need to be no more than 40 light-years away, and the likelihood of a burst occurring so close is again, minor.In highlighting the resilience of life in general, the research broadens the scope of life beyond Earth, within and outside of this solar system.“It is difficult to eliminate all forms of life from a habitable planet,”said Professor Abraham Loeb, co-author and chair of the Astronomy Department at Harvard University. “The history of Mars indicates that it once had an atmosphere that could have supported life, albeit under extreme conditions. Organisms with similar tolerances to radiation and temperature as tardigrades could survive long-term below the surface in these conditions.”X.C. is supported in part by NSF Grant No. PHY-1417421. Y. W. is supported by Grants No. HKUST4/CRF/13G and No. ECS 26300316 issued by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong. Z.Z.X. is supported in part by the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Harvard University.last_img read more

Boutique benefits local women

first_imgSaint Mary’s students were asked to raid their closets over Easter Break for clothing, shoes and accessories in an effort to raise donations for the first ever “Just Shop” Boutique clothing drive this past Friday in the Saint Mary’s Student Center.Donations were dropped off in labeled containers located at various sites around campus including the Student Center, Spes Unica Hall, Moreau Hall, Madeleva Hall and even the residence halls, Adrienne Lyles Chockley, interim coordinator of the SMC Justice Education program, said.  In conjunction with the Justice Education department, junior Meredith Mersits created the boutique after being moved by the stories and issues facing incarcerated women, Mersits said.“The end of last semester, I started thinking about different issues that I was passionate about, and one of them happened to be the incarceration of women, thrift store shopping, and then how women who are incarcerated can get justice just because they go through so many problems after incarceration such as sexual assault,” Mersits said.  By incorporating the Saint Mary’s and South Bend community, Mersits said she hoped to bring a little light to the lives of women currently or previously incarcerated.“By putting those ideas together, I kind of figured out I wanted to bring light to the lives of incarcerated women, [and the] idea evolved into this boutique,” Mersits said.Open to both the South Bend and Saint Mary’s community, the “Just Shop Boutique” had the layout of a thrift store with a classier appeal, Mersits said.“I’ve seen all sorts of things.  It’s old students clothing, clothing from parents, I’ve seen children’s clothing, [just all] across the board.  We’re just calling it a boutique, though, [instead of a thrift shop],” Mersits said.Mersits said she began the project on her own with the gracious help of the Saint Mary’s community.“We had a lot of people support it. Everywhere on campus I’ve gone to, they [were] so helpful,” Mersits said. “Everyone was open to the idea, but it was definitely difficult to plan everything, because when you plan an event you don’t think about the fine details like getting together the donation boxes, because that was definitely tedious and time-consuming.  But by Friday night when I finally put the boxes out, I could finally see the work [coming together].” Lyles Chockley’s help really pushed the project forward with publicity within both communities, Mersits said. “Dr. Lyles Chockley has a lot of connections.  We also [talked] to people from the YWCA.  Through networking and [other associations], we’ve really been trying to bring in the South Bend community,” Mersits said.Lyles Chockley’s big project last semester, the Symposium on Female Incarceration, had a strong influence on Mersits’s inspiration for the “Just Shop” boutique, Mersits said.“Going to that really sparked my interest in wanting to do something for those women, giving them more of a resource and a chance and not just, ‘Here’s charity,’” Mersits said.“When I decided my major, social work, I feel like [it] helped me to see the bigger picture of things, because the biggest thing you can give is your time,” Mersits said. “Definitely what the justice education department has been organizing is a revival.  You can talk all you want, but it doesn’t really mean anything if you can’t walk the walk.”“This year has definitely been great working with all the people in the Justice Education department. Everyone is also really supportive of everyone’s ideas.  There’s so many people who are passionate about it.  The whole group is dedicated to bringing justice to the world,” Mersits said.Tags: Just Shop Boutique, SMClast_img read more

Long Island PI, ex-NYPD Sgt. Accused of Bribery Scheme

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A private investigator from Shoreham has been accused of bribing a former New York City police sergeant from Kings Park for information about possible witnesses in a confidential federal law enforcement database.Joseph Dwyer, 46, of Investigative Resource Group, and 48-year-old Ronald Buell, who has since retired from the NYPD, were arrested on charges of bribery, unauthorized database access and participating in a conspiracy to commit bribery and to access a federal database without authorization. Dwyer was also charged with mail fraud. Both pleaded not guilty Wednesday at Manhattan federal court.“Private investigators assisting criminal defendants can – and should – do many things to serve their clients, but bribing law enforcement officials for confidential data is not one of them,” Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said.Prosecutors said Dwyer paid Buell $9,000 for Buell to access the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database on at least 15 occasions to obtain info on witnesses and other individuals associated with at least 11 federal criminal prosecutions between 2011 and ’13 while Buell was still on the force.The NCIC, which is run by the FBI, is not publicly available because the disclosure of certain information in the database can jeopardize law enforcement operations and safety, authorities said.At the same time, Dwyer was billing the federal government for his services as a private investigator regularly hired by court appointed attorneys for poor defendants in Manhattan federal court, according to prosecutors.Dwyer faces up to 45 years in prison and Buell faces up to 25 years.last_img read more

NAFCU, others offer improvements to patent reform bill

first_imgNAFCU, with other financial trade organizations, said a House subcommittee bill aimed at addressing patent-assertion entities that send patent-demand letters in bad faith is a good starting point but needs improvement.The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a hearing Thursday on the “Targeting Rogue and Opaque Letters (TROL) Act,” which is a draft bill to address demand letters.NAFCU, along with the American Bankers Association, The Clearing House Association, CUNA, Financial Services Roundtable and the Independent Community Bankers of America, sent a joint letter to subcommittee Chairman Michael Burgess, R-Texas, and Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., expressing concerns with the legislation’s definition of “bad faith.” The definition is “very restrictive and should be either removed altogether or expanded,” the letter stated.Hearing witnesses from the Patent Reform Project, United for Patent Reform and Baltimore University School of Law and others agreed that patent troll behavior is a problem in need of a legislative solution. They said the legislation’s definition of “bad faith” needed to be revisited due to the loopholes it provided to the patent trolls sending out frivolous demand letters. continue reading » 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Explainer: Who’s fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, and why does it matter?

first_imgWhat could stop the fighting?Several countries, including Russia and China, have called for a halt to hostilities but so far without any discernible impact. Russia potentially holds the key: it has a mutual defense pact with Armenia and a military base there, but also enjoys good relations with Azerbaijan and has no interest in the conflict spreading. If its diplomacy succeeded, Moscow could earn kudos for ending the fighting at a time when it is under intense criticism on other fronts, including over its backing for Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko after a disputed election and over the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny in Siberia last month, which Germany says was carried out with a nerve agent. President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Sunday but it is not yet clear if he has attempted to talk to Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev. Fierce fighting has broken out between Azerbaijan and its ethnic Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, a new and dangerous eruption of a decades-old conflict.Where and what is nagorno-karabakh?It’s a mountainous, forested patch of land that sits inside the territory of ex-Soviet Azerbaijan and is recognized under international law as part of that country. But the ethnic Armenians who make up the vast majority of the estimated 150,000 population reject Azeri rule. They have been running their own affairs, with support from Armenia, since Azerbaijan’s troops were pushed out in a war in the 1990s. A ceasefire was agreed in 1994 but at least 200 people were killed in a violent flare-up in 2016. Nagorno-Karabakh survives almost totally on budget support from Armenia and donations from the worldwide Armenian diaspora. Why has fighting broken out now?Tensions between the two sides have been building over the summer, and spilled into direct clashes on Sunday. The timing is significant because the outside powers that have mediated in the past – namely Russia, France and the United States – are distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming US presidential election and a list of world crises from Lebanon to Belarus. Lower-level clashes in July prompted only a muted international response. Turkey, which held large military exercises with Azerbaijan in July and August, has been even more conspicuous in its support compared with past crises. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Ankara would stand by Azerbaijan “with all its resources and heart”. He did not directly address whether Turkey is supplying the Azeri side with military experts, drones and warplanes, as Armenia has alleged and Azerbaijan has denied.What are the risks?Past outbreaks of fighting have killed some 30,000 people since 1988. Already dozens have been killed and several hundred wounded in the latest flare-up. Olesya Vartanyan, an analyst with Crisis Group, said Monday witnessed an increase in deployment of heavy weaponry such as rockets and artillery, bringing a higher risk of civilian casualties that would make it harder to pull the two sides back from all-out war. That in turn could draw in other powers such as Turkey and Russia and destabilize the South Caucasus region, an important corridor for pipelines carrying oil and gas.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Abortion and fatherhood — a man’s take

first_imgFox News 13 June 2013A dear friend of mine recently confessed to me that he was the father of one  living daughter and four deceased children.  The four were aborted, three  with his consent and one without.  My friend said the pain of those deaths  is something he copes with on a daily basis.  “The guilt and pain can be  overwhelming,” he said.  Another friend still can’t hold back tears, even after 20 years, when he  shares that he took his then-girlfriend to Planned Parenthood to erase the  “mistake” they made a few months before their wedding.   Now married  for two decades and the parent of four other beautiful children, he recounts how  his marriage was difficult and tumultuous for years until they sought  counseling.  The root of their conflict and strife?  The  abortion. As we approach Father’s Day once again, more and more men are realizing the  impact abortion has not only had on women, but also on themselves.  And the  impact is anything but positive. What’s going on here?  Abortion is a women’s issue and has nothing to do  with men, right?  Why are men struggling with the loss of their aborted  children? Because, despite what the law says, fathers are fathers from conception, not  from birth.  The landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, effectively stripped  the father of all legal rights regarding his unborn child. Before that  decision, men were fathers from the day their child came into being, at  conception.…..As we approach Father’s Day once again, more and more men are realizing the  impact abortion has not only had on women, but also on themselves.  And the  impact is anything but positive. What’s going on here?  Abortion is a women’s issue and has nothing to do  with men, right?  Why are men struggling with the loss of their aborted  children?  Because, despite what the law says, fathers are fathers from conception, not  from birth. The landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, effectively stripped  the father of all legal rights regarding his unborn child. Before that  decision, men were fathers from the day their child came into being, at  conception. Of course, millions of men welcomed the change. The sexual revolution  was booming, and men were experiencing a new kind of empowerment we hadn’t  previously enjoyed. We could now sleep with anyone we wanted without any fear of responsibility  if our female partner became pregnant. The one thing that had kept us from expressing our rampant sexuality, fear of  conception, was now of no concern. Not only did we no longer have to fear a pregnancy, we had no legal right to  make any decision regarding the child in the womb. If our partner decided to abort, well, that was her call. If she asked us our opinion about an abortion, all we had to do was utter our  all-too-common response, “It’s your decision, babe.  I’ll support whatever  you decide.”  Which, of course, was our way of saying, “I don’t care enough  about you or the child to have a real opinion.” Abortion didn’t empower women.  It empowered men. read more

Bishop Daniel calls on public to pray for spiritual revival, peace and unity ahead of National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving

first_imgLocalNews Bishop Daniel calls on public to pray for spiritual revival, peace and unity ahead of National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving by: – September 16, 2011 30 Views   no discussions Share Tweet Sharecenter_img Share Bishop Bill Daniel. Photo credit: Dominicacentral.comPresident of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches Bishop Bill Daniel is calling on Dominicans to pray for peace and unity in observance of the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving this Sunday.“Pray for spiritual revival in the nation, for peace and unity, for our spiritual and civic leaders, stronger economy. Let us pray against crime and violence, against illegal drug trade, against witchcraft and obeah, against the spirit of disunity,” Bishop Daniel said.Bishop Daniel says it is because of God’s favour that we confident, secured and are able to face challenges, and offered three guidelines to be used during the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving.“As a result of God’s favour we are stronger, we are more confident, we are secured and we are encouraged to face our challenges with greater assurances and increased measure of favour. As we engage in this National Day of Prayer this weekend, may we be guided by three basic principles of prayer; God’s purpose is more important than our plans, God has placed his word even above himself, God will never violate or break his word and God’s holiness is the foundation of his integrity and faithfulness.”Bishop Daniel further declared God’s blessings on the country, its inhabitants and that his peace remains with us.“I declare blessings on the nation Dominica and its inhabitants, I declare prosperity and favour for the nation Dominica and may the peace of God continue to be with us as we continue to serve the Lord.”In 2009, the government acceded to a request made by the Dominica Christian Council to re-schedule the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving from Sunday before the November 3rd to the beginning of the Independence celebrations.For the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving, Members of Cabinet usually attend church services in their constituencies and respective communities.Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Ozil not after easy life – Wenger

first_img The Germany playmaker’s £43million move on transfer deadline day was met with disbelief from several former team-mates at the Bernabeu, with Ozil suggesting he felt no longer central to the plans of Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti following the world-record signing of Gareth Bale from Tottenham. However, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has subsequently claimed Ozil in fact asked to leave the Spanish club because “he couldn’t handle the pressure at Madrid”. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger maintains club-record signing Mesut Ozil has shown no signs of wanting to leave Real Madrid for an easier life at the Emirates Stadium. Wenger, though, insists Ozil – who made an impressive contribution in both his Arsenal appearances so far and is set to play at his new home for the first time against Stoke on Sunday – is the complete professional. “No, I have not seen that at all,” said Wenger when asked if Ozil looked like a player seeking the easy life away from Madrid. “He is 24, he has over 50 caps for Germany and when you play for Germany, you are under a lot of pressure. He won the championship with Real Madrid, and that is a club where there is a lot of pressure, but I could not detect that. “Ozil has integrated well, and been well accepted. “I think he is not at the top physically yet, overall we are very pleased to have him with us, but he will demand a bit of time to adjust to the vigorous body challenges he will face here in the Premier league. “Once he has done that, he will be even stronger.” A player who has certainly come on leaps and bounds in the first few games of the new campaign is Aaron Ramsey. The Wales midfielder, 22, scored his sixth Arsenal goal in the 2-1 Champions League win in Marseille on Wednesday night, as he continues to go from strength to strength – and showing no ill effects from a potentially career-ending double-leg break suffered in a tackle from Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross at the Britannia Stadium in February 2010. Press Association Wenger was never in doubt Ramsey, signed for £5million from home-town club Cardiff in the summer of 2008, would emerge into a great talent. “There is a basic rule in our game – when you have a big injury before the age of 20, you come back and redevelop completely normally, once the psychological damage is out of your head, so I was not too much worried, but you never know how big, how deep the impact is psychologically,” the Arsenal boss said. “It took him a long time to get completely over that, especially in the duels, in the fights. He had a little resistance to go into the fights for a long time. Now he is over it and also scores goals now, he has improved tremendously on that front. “He has a great engine, great spirit and has an obsession – he wants always to be better. That is of course very good ingredients. “Ramsey had a difficult period in mid-season where people became a little bit impatient with him. He lost confidence and sometimes you give the players a little rest, they can rebuild their confidence, they can think about their game and they came come back stronger. That’s what happened to him.” Wenger added: “I believe that every test that you pass, you come back mentally stronger. It is a good test as well because in our career you go through periods where people like you a bit less or hate you a bit more and if you can deal with that, it makes you stronger.” Arsenal could have Mikel Arteta in the squad for the first time this season as he steps up his recovery from a thigh problem. Wenger said: “When every body is back, there is competition for places, especially in midfield.” last_img read more

ICC World Cup AUS vs PAK Highlights: Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: Australia last played Pakistan in a World Cup in England in 1999 and they won the final in Lord’s Pakistan’s match against Sri Lanka was washed out on Friday before the clash between South Africa and the West Indies was abandoned after less than eight overs play on Monday. There is rain predicted in the Taunton area on Wednesday and Finch conceded luck with the weather could play a role in who makes the semi-finals from the 10-team group stage. (LIVE SCORECARD)22:30 hrs IST: Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs22:20 hrs IST: After DRS over ruling, Pakistan lose Wahab Riaz at 4522:12 hrs IST: Only 3 runs off the over, PAK 257/7 after 43 overs22:00 hrs IST: Good over for Pakistan side, 14 runs off the over, PAK 244/7 after 41 overs21:58 hrs IST: Last over of PowerPlay2 ends, and Pakistan could manage to just churn out 2 runs in the over, PAK 230/7 after 40 overs21:52 hrs IST: After 39 overs, Pakistan are 228/7 21:40 hrs IST: With the end of 36th over, Pakistan 207/7 with Sarfaraz Ahmed and Wahab Riaz at crease. 21:32 hrs IST: Hassan Ali departs at 32, Kane Richardson picks up his second wicket. 21:26 hrs IST: SIX! by Hasan Ali to Glenn Maxwell21:23 hrs IST: Back-to-back SIXES by Hasan Ali to Kane Richardson, PAK 182/6 after 32 overs21:15 hrs IST: Pakistan suffers sixth dent in Asif Ali, after 30 overs, Pakistan are 160/6 21:12 hrs IST: Only 6 runs off the over, Pakistan are 154/5 after 29 overs21:04 hrs IST: Another wicket down! Wickets are falling like pack of cards here. Malik departs for DUCK. Pakistan lost half their side. After 28 overs, it’s 149/5.21:00 hrs IST: Oh dear! Second wicket in no time. This time another set batsman, Mohammad Hafeez. Aaron Finch made a smart move. After 27 overs, 146/4. 20:52 hrs IST: Just after scoring fifty, Imam Ul Haq lost his concentration and threw his wicket away. A much-needed wicket for Australia came at right time. After 26 overs, it’s 139/3. 20:50 hrs IST: Imam Ul Haq slams sixth ODI fifty. After 25 overs, it’s 136/2. 20:46 hrs IST: Both Imam and Hafeez near 50. After 24 overs, it’s 128/2. 20:43 hrs IST: 5 came off the over. It’s 126/2 after 23 overs.20:39 hrs IST: The partnership between Hafeez and Imam has now notched upto 65. Mitchell Starc couldn’t do much either as the score after 22 overs looks 121/2. 20:33 hrs IST: Five runs from the over. It’s 115/2 after 21 overs. 20:27 hrs IST: Seeing the partnership building up, Aaron Finch called Mitchell Starc into the attack, who gave away just three runs. After 20 overs, it’s 110/2.20:21 hrs IST: 100 up for Pakistan and management will be hoping that the duo can continue for bit long. After 19 overs, it’s 107/2.20:17 hrs IST: Drinks are on field now. 20:16 hrs IST: – 14 runs off the 18th over! Both Hafeez and Imam enter 30s. It’s 97/2. 20:13 hrs IST: Professor Hafeez has started to time the ball perfectly and runs have started to come for men-in-green. After 17 overs, it’s 83/2.20:08 hrs IST: Another quiet over for Pakistan. After 16 overs, it’s 76/2. 20:06 hrs IST: Five came off the 15th over. It’s 74/2. 20:02 hrs IST: Mohammad Hafeez finally opened his arms against Glenn Maxwell as the score ticked to 69/2 in 14 overs. 19:59 hrs IST: The Australian bowlers are just not letting the opposition batsmen to open their arms. After 13 overs, it’s 62/2. 19:56 hrs IST: Maxwell was introduced into the attack for the first time and gave away just 4 runs. After 12 overs, it’s 60/2. 19:50 hrs IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile bowled a short of a length delivery and Babar just couldn’t keep it down, in process gets caught at fine leg. A good cameo comes to an end. After 11 overs, it’s 56/2. 19:46 hrs IST: 50-up for Pakistan in 10 overs. 19:43 hrs IST: Six runs from the ninth over. It’s 46/1. 19:40 hrs IST: Babar Azam and Imam Ul Haq are playing positively against Australia’s lethal bowling attack. After 8 overs, it’s 40/1. 19:35 hrs IST: Cummins made it difficult for Babar to score runs. After 7 overs, it’s 34/1. 19:32 hrs IST: Three boundaries in the sixth over. Pakistan is looking good in chase. After 6 overs, it’s 30/1. 19:28 hrs IST: The over started off with a boundary and ended with one. Eight runs from it. Babar Azam is looking solid. After 5 overs, it’s 18/1.19:23 hrs IST: Four runs from the fourth over. It’s 10/1. 19:14 hrs IST: Cummins came to bowl his second over and pitches a short of a length delivery. Zaman tried to play away from his body and gets a thick edge which went straight to the third man fielder. Departs for DUCK. The wicket on the first ball followed three consecutive dots and a delighful boundary on the second last ball. After 3 overs, it’s 6/1.19:10 hrs IST: Mitchell Starc took the new ball from the other end and starts with a maiden. He is able to swing the ball both ways. After 2 overs, it’s 2/0. 19:06 hrs IST: Pat Cummins started the proceedings for Australia and bowled a magnificant first over. Just 2 from it. 19:00 hrs IST: The Pakistani openers are out in middle, and so are Australians. The chase begins! 18:35 hrs IST: Pakistan need 308 runs to win. Mohammad Amir picks his first five-wicket haul. 18:30 hrs IST: Trapped right in front. Amir bowled a full delivery and Carey missed it completely. Gone for 20. 18:25 hrs IST: Another wicket down. Hasan Ali bowls a short of a length delivery and Pat Cummins gets a slight edge which went straight into the hands of wicketkeeper. After 48 overs, it’s 302/8. 18:21 hrs IST: 300-up for Australia after 47 overs. 18:19 hrs IST: Just a slight nip and through to the keeper. Wahab Riaz finally gets paid for his hard work. Sends Nathan for mere 2 runs. 18:15 hrs IST: Seven came off the over. After 46 overs, it’s 298/6. 18:10 hrs IST: Mohammad Amir picks his third. What a spell this has been from him. Australia losing its track here. Marsh departs for 23. After 45 overs, it’s 291/6. 18:06 hrs IST: Pakistan has made a strong comeback in last three-four overs. Wickets are falling, runs have been hard to come by, and Australia is in trouble. After 44 overs, it’s 286/5. 18:03 hrs IST: Wahab will correct his team-mates’ flaws. Amir strikes off once again. This time, on the first ball in another spell. He pitches this up outside off, sucking Khawaja into a drive away from his body. Half side back to pavilion. After 43 overs, it’s 278/5. 18:00 hrs IST: Seven runs came off the over. Decent one for Pakistan at this stage. After 42 overs, it’s 276/4. 17:55 hrs IST: First expensive over from Wahab Riaz. 13 came off the over. After 41 overs, it’s 269/4. 17:51 hrs IST: With 10 overs still remaining, Australia will try to end the score between 320-330 at least. After 40 overs, it’s 256/4. 17:49 hrs IST: 250-up for Australia. 17:47 hrs IST: Three runs came from Wahab Riaz’s over. After 39 over, it’s 247/4. 17:42 hrs IST: Warner didn’t get lucky this time around. He tried to play Shaheen Afridi over the deep cover fielder, but couldn’t time it to perfection. Departs for 107. After 38 overs, 243/4.17:38 hrs IST: Nothing going in favour of Pakistan at the moment. Asif Ali has already dropped two important catches in the game. After 37 overs, it’s 239/3. 17:35 hrs IST: Asif Ali drops David Warner on 104. 17:32 hrs IST: Slight luck and that’s exactly what David Warner wanted to get to his 15th ODI ton. He took his time at the start, but didn’t throw his wicket away. He played with maturity and showed why he deserves the spot in the national team. After 36 overs, it’s 235/3.17:28 hrs IST: Warner is now just three runs away from a well-deserved ton. After 35 overs, it’s 228/3. 17:24 hrs IST: Knocked him over. Glenn Maxwell looked good for his 20, but couldn’t continue. He was taken by Shaheen’s pace. Third Wicket down for Aussies. After 34 overs, it’s 224/3. 17:20 hrs IST: Drinks are on field now. 17:18 hrs IST: Maxwell is showing his class. Gets to 20 in no time. 16 came off the Hafeez’s over. After 33 overs, it’s 218/2. 17:14 hrs IST: 200-up for Australia. Warner on 89. After 32 overs, it’s 202/2.17:12 hrs IST: The spinners have been to restrict Australia’s batsmen, and make some sort of a comeback. After 31 overs, it’s 196/2. 17:09 hrs IST: Just one run off Malik’s over. After 30 overs, it’s 191/2. 17:04 hrs IST: Mohammad Hafeez tossed the ball up and Steve Smith tried to play on the rise towards mid-wicket fielder. However, he mistimed the ball, which went straight to the cover fielder. Australia lose their second. Smith departs for 10. After 29 overs, it’s 190/2. 17:01 hrs IST: Warner enters 80s and Australia go past 180 runs. After 28 overs, it’s 187/1. 16:57 hrs IST: The Pakistan bowlers have again started to bowl in right lines, which eventually giving them results. After 27 overs, it’s 172/1. 16:53 hrs IST: For the 26th over, Sarfaraz introduced veteran Shoaib Malik into the attack. Malik utilized his experience to the fullest and gave just four runs. After 26 overs, it’s 169/1. 16:48 hrs IST: Another sensational over from Amir comes to an end. Just 2 runs from it. After 25 overs, 165/1. 16:41 hrs IST: 150-up for Australia. David Warner filling the shoes properly. Three boundaries in the over. After 24 overs, 163/1. 16:38 hrs IST: Steve Smith replaces Finch. Three came off the 23rd over. It’s 149/1. 16:35 hrs IST: Amir provides the much-needed breakthrough! Sarfaraz turned to his most reliable bowler, Mohammad Amir, and he didn’t disappoint. The slower ball did the trick and Finch was clearly into the shot as he attempted to go across the line. Hafeez didn’t do any mistake. Skipper departs for 82. 16:33 hrs IST: David Warner notches 20th ODI fifty. Third in the ongoing tournament. 10 runs came off the 22nd over. It’s 146/0. 16:27 hrs IST: Couple of sixes and couple of singles – story of the 21st over. After 21 overs, it’s 136/0. 16:23 hrs IST: After first 20 overs, the Pakistan team hasn’t managed to pick single wicket. Having scored 122 runs already, Australia will be eyeing to finish between 350-380. 16:20 hrs IST: The ball isn’t doing much at this stage, and runs are coming easily. At this stage, the men-in-green need something special to make some sort of a comeback. After 19 overs, it’s 117/0. 16:17 hrs IST: Five off Shaheen’s sixth over. A rare quiet over for Australia at this moment. After 18 overs, it’s 113/0. 16:12 hrs IST: Drinks are on field now. 16:11 hrs IST: Finch smashed to consecutive boundaries to register his 23rd ODI fifty. A top knock from Australian skipper. With this, it’s 100-run stand between Warner and Finch. 16 came off the 17th over. After 17 overs, it’s 107/0. 16:09 hrs IST: After trying the pacers, Sarfaraz Ahmed finally intriduces spinner into the attack. 16:07 hrs IST: Decent over by Shaheen. Just four came off it. After 16 overs, it’s 91/0. 15:59 hrs IST: Four came of the fifteenth over. Australia has still not lost their openers. After 15 overs, it’s 87/0. 15:57 hrs IST: Seven runs came of Afridi’s over. Pakistan team need to break this partnership if they are fancying their chances in this game. After 14 overs, it’s 83/0. 15:53 hrs IST: Nothing seems to be falling in place for Pakistan. Both openers have now settled at the crease, and to add to their worry, Asif Ali dropped skipper Aaron Finch in 13th over. It’s 76/0. 15:52 hrs IST: Asif Ali drops Aaron Finch on 26. 15:48 hrs IST: The Pankistan bowlers seem to have lost their track. Shaheen isn’t looking in best touch, so is Hasan Ali. After 12 overs, it’s 65/0. 15:44 hrs IST: David Warner and Aaron Finch have been able to rotate the strike. Four runs came from Wahab Riaz’s second over. After 11 overs, it’s 60/0. 15:40 hrs IST: Australia’s dominance with bat continues. Both Finch and Warner strung a 50-run partnership in 55 balls. Hasan Ali, on the other hand, has been a little expensive. After 10 overs, it’s 56/0. 15:38 hrs IST: A great start by Wahab Riaz. Just 2 came off the ninth over. After 9 overs, it’s 49/0. 15:34 hrs IST: David Warner and Aaron Finch are slowly and gradually taking things under Australia’s control. 11 came off eighth over. After 8 overs, it’s 46/0.15:30 hrs IST: A rare loose over from Mohammad Amir. Eight came of the seventh over. After 7 overs, it’s 36/0. 15:24 hrs IST: Just one came of the sixth over. After 6 overs, it’s 28/0. 15:20 hrs IST: Another maiden over by Mohammad Amir. This is pure class. The ball seems to swinging, and he is utilising his experience to the fullest. After 5 overs, it’s 27/0. 15:17 hrs IST: Aaron Finch and David Warner finally managed to open their arms against young Shaheen. The fourth over started off with a six and ended with a couple of runs between cover and mid on region. After 4 overs, it’s 27/0. 15:12 hrs IST: Another superlative over by Mohammad Amir. Just three came off the third over. After 3 overs, it’s 10/0.15:06 hrs IST: Shaheen Afridi took the new ball from the other end. David Warner smashed him for a boundary between point and cover region. Finch, on the other hand, has managed just 1 run in 9 balls. After 2 overs, it’s 7/0. 15:03 hrs IST: Mohammad Amir started the proceedings for Pakistan and swing experienced straightaway. The left-arm bowler has been able to take away from the right-hander. After 1 over, it’s 0/0. 15:00 hrs IST: Pakistan team in the last hurdle. Aaron Finch and David Warner are out in the middle, and so are the umpires. It’s game time. Mohammad Amir to start.  14:56 hrs IST: Interestingly, Pakistan and Australia have played 14 games in last five years and the former has been able to win only once. 14:53 hrs IST: Both Australia and Pakistan players are out in the middle, standing for their respective national anthems. We are now just 7 minutes away from the first ball to be bowled. 14:42 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs of both sidesPakistan (Playing XI): Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Sarfaraz Ahmed(w/c), Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali, Shaheen Afridi, Mohammad AmirAustralia (Playing XI): David Warner, Aaron Finch(c), Shaun Marsh, Steven Smith, Usman Khawaja, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey(w), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Kane Richardson14:36 hrs IST: Pakistan have chosen to bowl. Kane Richardson is included in the Australian team along with Shaun Marsh.14:20 hrs IST: In head-to-head encounters, Australia hold a 5-4 advantage against Pakistan. In 2015, the Aussies defeated Pakistan in the quarterfinal but in 2011, it was Pakistan who ended Australia’s 34-game winning streak.14:14 hrs IST: It looks like pace will be the key in Taunton. According to the pitch report, it is green and it might assist swing and seam.14:01 hrs IST: Currently, there is no rain, which is a relief. But, the forecast is not good for the remainder of the day. So, we might have a truncated game on the cards.13:53 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the ICC Cricket World Cup clash between Australia and Pakistan from Taunton. First things first – There is a rain threat for this match. Accuweather says 63 percent chances of rain. Groan! Yet another truncated match is on the cards.Ducati drives in Hypermotard 950 in India at Rs 11.99 lakhlast_img read more