Meet the Presenter: Chef Leah Sarris, RD, LDN

first_imgChef Leah Sarris, RD, LDNMeet our Presenter, Chef Leah Sarris, RD, LDN, Director of Operations/Executive Chef Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine, Tulane University.  Learn more about this pioneering program by registering for the free webinar “Culinary Medicine:  Where Health Meets Food”.  Dietitians earn 1.0 CPEU.  RSVP at this link: Sarris is a chef and dietitian that has worked in diverse areas of food service and related industries including restaurants, academia, research & development, foodservice consulting, far ming and community outreach. As the Director of Operations and Executive Chef for the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine, she has developed and implemented the United States’ premier interdisciplinary program between culinary arts, science, nutrition and medicine, based out of New Orleans. She teaches professionals in the healthcare and foodservice sectors, as well as the community at large, how to cook food that is affordable, beautiful, healthful, easy to prepare and most of all, delicious. This program is the first of its kind and has been licensed by over 20% of the medical schools in the nation. Leah’s passion lies in teaching everyone how to make delicious food that just happens to be good for them, arming people with the knowledge and the skills to bring that vision into their kitchens.last_img read more

Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Premiere Pro

first_imgIf you’re looking for a solution to bring your Final Cut Pro X videos into Premiere Pro, this would be it!  In the following video, Dan Allen shows you how to convert your FCPX projects for Premiere Pro.Ideally it’s always a good idea to start your rough edits in the same application you’ll be finish editing with (and maybe use some specialized applications along the way for graphics and color grading).  Whenever you bounce between editing apps some things will no doubt get ‘lost in translation’.That being said, there are instances when you may need to ‘convert’ your video editing projects from one app to another.  Maybe you’ve outgrown your more basic editing solution (in this case FCPX) and are in need of a more robust alternative (Premiere Pro).  Premiumbeat favorite Dan Allen, shares his workflow for getting Final Cut Pro X projects into Premiere Pro, as well as the pros and cons of this workflow.FCPX projects will not automatically open up in Premiere.  So, to make the conversion you’ll need a utility app called Xto7.  Intially it was designed to open up Final Cut Pro X projects in Final Cut Pro 7, but it also works with Premiere.  The app will set you back $50, but for the pro editor that’s making a big switch from FCPX to Premiere it’s a small price to pay.You can download Xto7 over at the Mac Store.Although the translation between apps is quick, it certainly isn’t fool proof.  Titles created in FCPX will not open up in Premiere.  Mixed resolution projects will not auto scale to the frame size you have set in Premiere Pro.  Also, any 5.1 surround sound mixing you do in FCPX won’t carry over (more on this robust audio tool here).However, these are all pretty small setbacks when you take into account the time it would take to rebuild a FCPX project in Premiere.  Plus, you’ll now have access to a nice post production workflow, using the tools in Audition and After Effects.See the Final Cut Pro X to Premiere Pro workflow in action:last_img read more

Ask prevention

first_imgI have dark circles around my eyes. How can I get rid of them?Dark circles are usually linked to lack of sleep, stress and depression. However, other conditions such as Vitamin B12 deficiency, liver ailments, obesity and a genetic predisposition could be the cause??, says Dr Shubhra Goel, associate consultant, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. Rule out the medical conditions first and then make small lifestyle changes. Get seven to eight hours of sleep every night and reduce your stress levels. Consume a balanced diet rich in anti-oxidants, calcium, magnesium and Vitamins B12 and K, she adds. Home remedies such as covering your eyes with cucumber slices may also help. If these dont work, consult a doc. She may suggest chemical peels or topical ointments containing any or a few of these: Vitamins C, K, kojic acid and retinoids. In extreme conditions, you may need to opt for laser therapy, adds Goel.My 16-year-old son is addicted to the television and gaming consoles. It is affecting his academic performance. What should I do?A: Boys find it intoxicating to be immersed in the virtual world because it is completely under their control. When theyre engaged in these activities, their brain produces endorphins giving them a high, says Delhi-based clinical psychiatrist Dr Jitendra Nagpal. Instead of taking any extreme step like cutting off the TV connection or seizing his gaming consoles, talk to him to figure out if there is any hidden stress that hes trying to overcome. Also give him interesting alternatives to gaming or watching TV. Encourage him to take up a sport, take him for a swim and plan outings to help him develop other engaging habits.My nails are brittle. How do I make them healthy again?Brittle nails are a natural sign of ageing. They may also be the result of long-term exposure to harsh solvents (those in nail polish removers) and detergents, constant contact with water and a wide variety of medical conditions. Another common cause behind chipping nails could be biotin (Vitamin B7) deficiency. Take supplements if needed, suggests Dr Hema Pant, consultant dermatologist with Kaya Skin Clinic, Delhi. A few home remedies you may try: soak a cotton ball in olive or castor oil and gently swab it on your brittle fingernails; dip your fingers in lukewarm salt water for some time every day, wipe them dry and moisturise. A nail hardener could also be a potential protector for your nails.I frequently get painful leg cramps at bedtime. What should I do to stop them?Night-time leg cramps are triggered by involuntary muscle contractions in the calves or soles of the feet. There might be soreness of muscles even after the cramp goes away. Though the underlying cause is not clear, the probable reasons could be long hours at the desk, dehydration, overworking of muscles and improper posture,?? says Dr Sandeep Budhiraja, director, Max Institute of Internal Medicine, New Delhi. In rare cases, it may be a symptom of Parkinsons disease and endocrine disorders. Stay hydrated (drink six to eight glasses of water each day) and stretch your calf muscles before you go to bed. This may reduce the frequency of nocturnal cramps,?? he suggests.The Colour GreenNeed some inspiration? Look at something green. A quick glimpse at the colour is enough to get your creative juices flowing, finds a new study from the University of Munich. Our brains associate the colour green with growth and development that seems to spur our desire for self-improvement, says study author Stephanie Lichtenfeld. Keep a green plant in your office, paint your study green or change your screen saver to greenand nail any creativity challenge that comes your way!advertisementlast_img read more

Sourav Ganguly’s method and madness make him India’s most colourful skipper ever

first_imgIf Sourav Ganguly’s captaincy was turned into a musical production, what form would it take? The Sound of Music, if only because of a set of song lyrics that seem to define his personality – the ones about out-pestering pests and driving hornets from nests? How about Swan Lake with,If Sourav Ganguly’s captaincy was turned into a musical production, what form would it take? The Sound of Music, if only because of a set of song lyrics that seem to define his personality – the ones about out-pestering pests and driving hornets from nests? How about Swan Lake with initial lyricism and grace followed by conspiracies against the Prince? Or perhaps Jesus Christ, Superstar, as an acknowledgement of the man’s overwhelming sense of self? Those are tame choices.The Indian captain’s saga most closely resembles a jatra, a morality play rooted in Bengali tradition, loaded with melodrama and histrionics. Except in Ganguly’s case everyone, exasperated selectors, chattering commentators and a billion armchair critics, wonder whether he understands the morals of his stories.In his 17 months as full-time captain, Ganguly has not courted trouble, he has married it and sprayed controversy all over Indian cricket like confetti. The euphoric series win over Australia is long past, and without warning his team now goes from magic to tragic and back again. They threw away a Test series win in Zimbabwe with an epidemic of kamikaze batting.Four straight one-day wins were followed by four straight losses setting off the murmurs: the Indian captain was too headstrong, he supported unsupportable players, annoyed the selectors with his contrarian ways (see box) and Sachin Tendulkar was talking elliptically about the job again. With the runs off his bat drying to a trickle, and 15 Test matches lined up in the next 12 months in South Africa, the West Indies and England, it’s open season on Sourav Ganguly, captain and batsman.advertisementThose Who RaveArun Lal”He could either be criticised to hell or go on to become our best captain.” Arun Lal, Former PlayerKiran More”He’s doing a great job. This is a team game. It is our batting that is failing.” Kiran More, Former PlayerB.S. Bedi”A captain’s place should be a certainty on the team. Ganguly’s is not.” B.S. Bedi, Former CaptainK. Srikkanth”Ganguly and the team look confused and woefully short in planning.” K. Srikkanth, Former CaptainA telephone poll carried out by a Mumbai newspaper asked whether Ganguly should be summarily sacked as skipper, and of 3,180 callers in a seven-hour period 2,328 said he should be. Those figures would be turned on their head in Kolkata but that’s just the job.Captaincy is a lofty profession, intended for men above the ordinary who, like stars from 1950s movie posters, gaze out into the future, eyes shining into the long term. Skippers are supposed to have a gravitas, a quiet wisdom and an iron-fisted control over their feelings-all distinctly non-Gangulian character traits.Last week, he became the first captain to be suspended for a match for showing dissent twice. His crime hardly matched the punishment-twitching in the umpire’s direction for about four seconds-but the day he came off suspension, Ganguly had to be dragged away from raining profanities on Sri Lankan batsmen. He was fined 75 per cent of his match fee.There isn’t another skipper in the world with such a quick lip or such a short fuse, and what’s more he’s Indian, that tribe which usually turns the other cheek. Ganguly, not into Gandhism, probably thinks that means being even more cheeky.A couple of weeks ago, with memories of the sudden capitulations in Zimbabwe still fresh, he asked the chairman of selectors, Chandu Borde, why they didn’t consider appointing him for a year and dispense with the series-by-series appointments.Borde brushes this off as a casual remark, describing Ganguly as a “nice boy”. Many think not. Bishan Singh Bedi, a former captain as fiery as the current one, is unimpressed. He says Ganguly’s behaviour has set a bad example and his poor batting has diluted his authority.A board official calls the man’s captaincy “third-rate”. Australian Ian Chappell once even called him “a pretty stupid captain” on air. Throw a stone anywhere and a Ganguly critic will emerge, rubbing his head, asking for Ganguly’s.Arun Lal, a former captain who led Bengal and Ganguly, holds firm, “As captain he will either go down as the best India has seen or end up being criticised to hell and back.” Like the opinions about him, Ganguly swings between two uncomplicated extremes: face to face he is reasonable and urbane, at the head of his team he is instantly inflammable.When he is happy, he dances around his fielders, when he is angry, he hollers. He doesn’t eat meat on Tuesday, supports East Bengal football club, and is currently an Adnan Sami maniac. His thumb rule: Shoot first, worry about casualties later.advertisementA selector who has sat in meetings with India’s past three captains says their operating procedures were as varied as their batting styles. Mohammed Azharuddin was the most “polished”, Tendulkar “not pushy” and Ganguly would never die wondering.The selector says, “Sourav doesn’t mince his words. What he feels, he says. Azhar would accept what you said, Sachin would ask you for a reason and never broach the topic again. Sourav will try to convince selectors again and again. He doesn’t sulk, but he doesn’t give up easily.”Nothing like the Ganguly of 1992 or even 1996 when he made his famous comeback. That one was withdrawn and quiet to the point of being invisible. Captaincy has come to the Kolkatan like a pat on his back. It has squared his shoulders, set his jaw and over-ridden that seriously uncool moustache.Some believe that leadership has only given the already lordly left-hander an arrogance above his abilities, but there are others who say he brings some missing spice to the job. “For how much longer are we going to be the good boys of cricket?” says a former player.India’s most venerated leader M.A.K. Pataudi thinks Ganguly settled into the India captaincy well because “he is not overawed by the job”. Going by his ICC match referee rap sheet, some would say he’s somewhat “underwhelmed”. Here is where the Ganguly jatra takes a surprising turn: his team doesn’t care what the world thinks.As a young player he was accused of being aloof and obsessed with his own batting. Today his teammates single out communication as his most outstanding quality. When opener Sadagopan Ramesh was being roasted by the TV experts, Ganguly told him he was sure Ramesh would finish with a better average than “those guys”.Nervous first-timers are reassured with constant peptalk. The ritual of debutants receiving their Test caps, as celebration and welcome, is now performed outdoors in front of the cameras on Ganguly’s insistence.Players don’t mind being pulled up for misfielding from a captain not quite Jonty Rhodes himself. “It looks worse on TV than it actually is,” says one. “It’s just his way of telling us to do the right thing. It starts and finishes on the ground,” says another.They are loyal to their cowboy captain because he believes in being liberal with chances. When they let him down, like in Sri Lanka he’s equally liberal with criticism. “It’s unfortunate but true-these guys lack the temperament to play in the international arena. They have this problem of attitude,” he let rip at the young batsmen.Ganguly versus the selectorsHIS BOYS: Yuvraj Singh (left) and Agarkar are Ganguly’s pet candidatesAs captain Ganguly has often driven the selectors crazy. The five-man committee has found itself paying heed to the captain and then wondering why it even bothered.For the Sri Lanka tri-series, Ganguly specifically singled out Madhya Pradesh hard-hitter Amay Khurasia to replace the injured Tendulkar. He was pulled out of English league cricket but played in only two matches.advertisementYuvraj Singh, rated highly by the captain, was instead given plenty of chances to play himself into form.Despite nothing to show from Zimbabwe, Ajit Agarkar made the Lanka tour where he was a tourist, suffering from sunstroke while sitting in the window seat of the aircraft to Colombo.”Sourav has left us in the dark and without answers,” says a selector. His captaincy though seems alittle more secure than his popularity.”This is no time to change captains. What can he do if the batting lets the team down?” says one selector.Another wants to give the Kolkatan the long rope to see how he will fare on tougher overseas tours.But captaincy is not all about sound and fury, no matter if it’s entertaining. Mike Brearley, who led England in 31 Tests despite a career batting average of just 22, listed what a modern captain should be: “Loving and tough, straightforward and crafty, ready to gamble everything and wishing to have everything, generous and greedy, trusting and suspicious.” The greatest of captains manage to be all of those things at the same time. The apprentices, Ganguly included, embrace them sporadically.Anshuman Gaekwad, who has played under five India captains and been coach to three, says Ganguly’s biggest strength is his aggression but would like him to be a little more tactically flexible.Last year in the ICC Knock Out Trophy final, Gaekwad wanted Ganguly to bowl Yuvraj Singh at Chris Cairns to make the tall New Zealander stretch and put his weight on an injured knee. “Sourav thought that because he played left-arm spinners so well so could Cairns and he didn’t want to try.” Cairns won the title for New Zealand.Maninder Singh thinks his handling of his second-string bowlers needs to be more thoughtful. Bowlers define captains in two groups: those who give them fields they want and those who don’t. Azharuddin belonged to the former, particularly with his favourite spinners, Tendulkar gave bowlers a couple of overs headstart before setting his own positions and Ganguly is a fifty-fifty man.He will go halfway but no more if it does not suit the strategy he has in mind. He remains a leader driven largely by instinct-whether it means changing tactics in the five minutes it takes to walk from dressing room to the middle or a surprise declaration, like the one that caught Zimbabwe off guard in the Delhi Test last year, when India were only 30-odd ahead.A captain’s skill lies in knowing when to trust common sense and strategy and when to go by gut feel. “You either win or lose; I don’t believe in draws,” he says but victories, specially overseas, are carved out by predictable things like long hours of occupying the crease and being patient during bad sessions in the field.Ganguly’s supporters-and they do exist-believe a longer spell and some maturity will take care of that. If Ganguly the Test batsman survives till then. Going by his form, a minefield of trouble awaits him in the middle. The slump is not a recent byproduct of Steve Waugh’s “disintegration” campaign. It has come over a two season period: in his past 10 Tests he has averaged 23.31, and hasn’t scored a 50 in his last five (ave.13.33). Bedi believes, “His fallibility as a batsman has been detected and he has not made much effort to rectify his batting technique.After a few years, it happens to all batsmen and then the strength of character takes you to the next stage.” Ex-India player Ashok Malhotra, who counts himself more a friend than a selector, says, “He’s too good a batsmen for us to be worried. He will find a way.”It’s been an adrenaline-charged first year and today captain Ganguly has proved that he can go eyeball to eyeball with any opposition and not take a backward step. To mature as a leader now he must seek the middle ground between power and responsibility.He clearly enjoys and is at ease with power. But in the Tests against Sri Lanka, Sourav Ganguly, a central figure in a batting line-up with more reputations than runs nowadays, must take on greater responsibility.last_img read more

BCCI’s payout has ex-players in tears of joy

first_imgWhen the news of a one-time BCCI benefit purse of Rs 20 lakh, to be distributed to retired cricketers, was broken to former Punjab and Uttar Pradesh fast bowler Ubaid Kamal on Thursday, he broke down and disconnected the line. The tears were of joy.Kamal, who bagged 178 wickets between 1990 and 2000, was only doing a Nirupama Mankad, wife of ex-Test batsman Ashok. She had disclosed to MAILTODAY in May 2012 that she wept on hearing the news that the BCCI would extend the benefit purse to widows. Ubaid, now 41, soon recovered and returned the call. “I was expecting that the Board would give us Rs 10 lakh each. So when I heard that the amount was Rs  20 lakh, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I thank the Board for thinking about players who retired before good money, and the IPL, came in,” the Allahabad bowler-turnedcoach told MAIL TODAY. Ubaid said he would invest all the money – it’s expected that players would only receive Rs 14 lakh after tax deduction – on an academy he’s setting up in Barabanki, a few kilometres from the ancestral home of hockey legend KD Singh ‘Babu’. “I want to produce fast bowlers for India,” he said.The BCCI’s finance committee on Wednesday approved the proposal for this one-time benefit purse, having given in 2012 heftier purses to all Test players and also to those who had played 75 or more firstclass matches. The present slab is between 50 and 74 matches, the only condition being they should have retired by the 2033-04 home season. The finance committee’s recommendation will now go to the working committee for final approval. “About 50-60 players will benefit under this scheme,” said a source.advertisementAmong those who qualified include Madhya Pradesh players Sanjay Jagdale, who as BCCI secretary had suggested to president N. Srinivasan to include Ranji players too in the one-time benefit scheme, and late Syed Mushtaq Ali’s son Gulrez Ali, Haryana all-rounder Dhanraj Singh, Narendra Menon, and Punjab wicketkeeper Arun Sharma.Dhanraj, too, got emotional, but is clear where he would use the money. “I got my daughter married recently. I had taken some loan for her wedding, and this amount would help me pay back the loan,” Dhanraj, who was part of Haryana’s only Ranji Trophy title triumph in 1990-91, told MAIL TODAY. “I’m grateful to the BCCI for this gesture. At the same time, I’d request them to slightly enhance our monthly gratis,” said the man who played 51 matches from 1990-1999. Gulrez, who played 74 matches, said: “We played tough cricket in the days when remuneration was very small. The number of matches was also less in those days, so playing 74 game is no joke.”last_img read more

IIJW 2014: Bollywood divas sparkle in jewels

first_imgDay 1 of the India International Jewellery Week in Mumbai started on a high note on Monday with Bollywood beauties sashaying down the ramp in glitter and gold.In its fifth edition this year, the four-day event from July 14-17, organised by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), is a major destination for buyers and designers alike as the latest in traditional and modern wear with diamonds, gold, silver and precious stones are presented for the upcoming bridal and festive season.Dia Mirza, Kalki Koechlin, Sunny Leone and Lisa Ray walked the ramp.Gorgeous actresses added extra glitz to the show. Former Miss India Neha Dhupia cut a graceful figure as the ‘royal bride’ – with heavy polki and ruby earrings, necklace and maang teeka – for Geetanjali Jewels, while actress Chitrangada Singh looked traditional yet sexy in a red lehenga choli combination, accentuated by a kamarband with latkans, heavy diamond necklace and a nath. Her voluminous open hair, kohled eyes and confidence on the ramp gave the collection an electric makeover.Dia Mirza, whose wedding with fiance Sahil Sangha has been confirmed for October, looked stately and elegant in a beautiful orange lehenga sari as she walked the ramp for jewellery designer Shobhana. With her hair in a vintage updo with soft ringlets, the diva was seen in chunky jewellery set in diamonds, gold, pearls, emeralds and rubies.After traditional bridal looks, modern brides got their share of trinkets to feast on as well. Big Boss 7 winner Gauhar Khan walked for IIGJ Mumbai in a strapless, white pleated maxi gown with a diamond-studded crown, bracelet, rings and a statement necklace with big emeralds to do the talking. Likewise, the ladies in red – Dev D actress Kalki Koechlin and model/activist Lisa Ray – kept it simple in ruby hued dresses and jewellery for Jewels by Preeti and Farah Khan Ali, respectively.advertisementZayed with sister Suzanne Khan.Last but not least, Baby Doll Sunny Leone took to the ramp as showstopper for Apala by Sumit in a black one-shoulder dress and strong and tribal-like ornaments in gold and silver. With three layers of studded chains draping her hair, the Jism 2 actress sported an armour-like necklace, armlet, cuff and solid anklets with aplomb.Shantanu and Nikhil break the stereotype with new bridal wearThe grandeur of sartorial pleasures has begun in the Capital with the Fall 2014 haute couture collection presented by designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Black Label at JW Marriott, New Delhi, on Monday.The collection was true to the designers’ aesthetic of fluid drapes, lace applique work and layered frills that enhanced the fitted gowns in a way that they accentuated the body curves. Adding fresh perspective this time around to their bridal wear, the duo made use of unconventional colours – such as grey, black, blue and beige – handcrafted accessories and varying layers of fabric. There were also a variety of options for cocktail wear. Titled ‘Rani Sultanat’, the mood of the collection reflected a palace in Istanbul during the Art Deco Revolution of 1930’s.The exotic ensembles included white flowey anarkali dresses, lehengas with floral lace and sari gowns, while men strutted down in smart velvet achkans with subtle embroidery and sharara pants. Accessories such as handcrafted cuffs and head crowns with feathers, chains and an adjustable bone structure, royal looking brooches and embellished formal loafers added extra punch to the show.Speaking to MAIL TODAY, designer Nikhil Mehra shared, “Couture for us is about refinement. It’s in the details of the craft that makes every ensemble a special creation.” Designer Shantanu Mehra added, “Many brides want a complete look from us for their wedding. As a result, the inclusion of accessories and elaborate head gear has been a natural progression in our design expression. These garments are not for the big day alone, but can be incorporated into a woman’s wardrobe afterwards as well.”last_img read more

No Messi, no problem for Barca as they ease past Inter Milan

first_imgIn the second half of the match, the manager of Inter Milan, Luciano Spalletti has made three changes. Matteo Politano and Lautaro Martinez came in place of  Antonio Candreva and Borja Valero. Keita Balde also replaced Ivan Perisic at the 77th minute of the match. But the Italian side have failed to get the equaliser with the counter attacking style of football. On the other hand, Ernesto Valverde also brought in Nelson Semedo, Arturo Vidal and Munir El Haddadi in the second half of the match for Barcelona.Jordi Alba  sealed the match for Barcelona as he scored the winner for the Catalan Giants at the 83rd minute of the match. After this Goal there were no chances for Inter Milan to make a comeback in this match. The match has ended with a scoreline of 2-0 in favour of Barcelona. Without Lionel Messi, the Catalan Giants have to face Real Madrid in the upcoming weekend. The win will surely increase their confidence level ahead of the El Clasico. AdvertisementBarcelona have eased past Inter Milan at Camp Nou with a formidable margin of 2-0 without Lionel Messi. With this win, the Catalan Giants have moved to the top of the table in their Group with 9 points from three matches so far. Rafinha Alcantara has started for Barcelona in place of Lionel Messi. It will surely be a memorable night for the 25 year old Brazilian winger as he has given the lead to Barcelona in this important match at the 32nd minute of the match. The first half of the match was dominated by Barcelona as they have the more ball possession. Advertisementlast_img read more

FIFA appoints UN official as first female secretary general

first_imgFIFA broke new ground by appointing a Senegalese United Nations official as its first female and first non-European secretary general on Friday.Fatma Samoura has no experience working in sports but FIFA President Gianni Infantino hopes that will help it try to regain the trust and credibility of the world.”We want to embrace diversity and we believe in gender equality,” Infantino told the FIFA Congress in Mexico City.Fresh wind to FIFA The 54-year-old Samoura, who will replace the fired Jerome Valcke if she passes an eligibility check, is currently working in development for the U.N. in Nigeria.”She is used to managing big organizations, big budgets, human resources, finance,” Infantino told FIFA’s membership. “She will bring a fresh wind to FIFA – somebody from outside not somebody from inside, not somebody from the past. Somebody new, somebody who can help us do the right thing in the future.”‘Samoura has the ability to build and lead teams’ Samoura, who speaks French, English, Spanish, and Italian, appears to have no experience dealing with commercial deals and broadcasters – a key part of the job as FIFA’s top administrator.FIFA said she coordinates the activities of around 2,000 staff members, and “monitors and evaluates the security, political, and socio-economic situation and trends in Africa’s most populous country.””She has a proven ability to build and lead teams, and improve the way organizations perform,” Infantino said. “Importantly for FIFA, she also understands that transparency and accountability are at the heart of any well-run and responsible organization.”advertisementAlso, FIFA lifted Indonesia’s suspension from world soccer. Indonesian national and club teams, referees, and officials were banned over government interference in the running of the national federation.Indonesia was readmitted after the government agreed to end its suspension of the soccer federation, but the national team has missed out on qualifying for the 2018 World Cup and 2019 Asian Cup while banned.Benin and Kuwait are suspended due to government interference in their federations’ independence.last_img read more

5 infamous and ugly fights in Pakistan cricket

first_imgPakistan have always been blessed with some exceptionally talented cricketers but there has always been an air of unpredictability surrounding the team.Over the years, their fortunes have swung between admiration and humiliation. On their day, Pakistan can decimate any opposition in the world and at the same time, they can also commit hara-kiri against a relatively weaker team.Despite the presence of established superstars and raw talent, Pakistan have failed to get the desired results very often.However, their failures have been attributed more to a lack of discipline than capability.Time and again, Pakistan have faced problems in the team due to lack of unity and poor administrative capabilities of the country’s cricket board.No team is free from internal problems but in Pakistan, the problem with team unity is of far greater magnitude. There have been numerous instances that suggest that Pakistan have had a long and troublesome history of internal rivalries and groupism.Recently, Pakistan cricket again hit headlines for all the wrong reasons when a spat broke out in public between former captains Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi.The incident reminded fans and observers of all those instances when Pakistani cricketers washed their dirty linen in public.Here’s a look at some of those spats that shamed Pakistan cricket:Shahid Afridi-Javed Miandad spat Veteran all-rounder Afridi and legendary batsman Miandad were part of an ugly spat which even saw underworld don Dawood Ibrahim getting involved.Afridi’s request for a farewell match to mark his retirement didn’t go down well with Miandad, who reacted negatively, claiming the all-rounder wanted it for the money. Miandad had also alleged that Afridi was involved in match fixing and had claimed that he was a witness to such activities by the latter.advertisementThat prompted Afridi to threaten legal action against Miandad which earned him the ire of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim whose daughter is married to the Miandad’s son.According to various media reports, Dawood had called up Afridi and threatened him with death.Afridi also told mediapersons that Miandad has always had issues with money and that he has evidence to show that the former captain has been involved in match-fixing. However, following intervention by several former players, the duo decided to bury the hatchet. When Shoaib Akhtar blamed Wasim Akram for ruining his careerFormer Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, in his autobiography, triggered many controversies. The biggest of them was when he accused former capatin and legendary pacer Wasim Akram of destroying his career. Shoaib revealed that Akram was responsible for delaying his debut. He also claimed that Akram was scared of him and was unwilling to take him in his team.Akram hit back at the accusations, saying Shoaib was a problem when he was an active player and remains just that even in retirement.  Shoaib Akhtar hits Mohammad Asif with a batReuters Photo Shoaib has been a controversial figure in Pakistan cricket. While there was never a doubt about his abilities, Shoaib also had numerous problems with many of his teammates.Just before the 2007 ICC World T20, Shoaib and his fellow fast bowler Mohammad Asif were involved in a dressing room spat which resulted in the latter injuring his leg. Shoaib blamed Shahid Afridi for the spat that led to him hitting Asif with a bat during Pakistan’s build-up to the WT20 in South Africa.Reuters Photo  Afridi, however, denied that he had provoked Shoaib and was surprised at the accusations.As a result, Shoaib was thrown out of the squad and he later apologised to Asif after returning to Pakistan.Ramiz Raja and Mohammad Yusuf’s abusive rant on TVThe debate over whether fast bowler Mohammad Amir should be allowed to play for Pakistan created a big divide in Pakistan cricket with former cricketers Mohammad Yousuf and Ramiz Raja engaging in a war of words on the issue during a TV show.The two waded into each other and used some very personal, coarse and abusive language against each on national television during a show on Geo Super channel.The offensive exchange of words took place over the issue of Amir with Yousuf claiming Ramiz didn’t know cricket, was a “Sifarashi” player and good only to be a teacher.Yousuf went one step further when he made some personal remarks against the former Test captain-turned-commentator who lost his cool on air.It drew a sharp response from Ramiz who termed Yousuf, who sports a beard, a “fake Mullah” who tells lies and who caused havoc in Pakistan cricket.advertisementThe clips of the exchange soon became the talk of the social media with many former players, fans and critics expressing disappointment over the language used by both former stalwarts.Wahab Riaz and Ahmed Shehzad’s ugly fight in PSL Reuters Photo  Star players Wahab Riaz and Ahmed Shehzad pushed each other and exchanged harh words during a Pakistan Super League match between Wuetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi.Both the players were heavily fined and warned by the cricket board to be watchful of their on-field behaviour.last_img read more

Mohun Bagan coach Sanjoy Sen steps down after loss to Chennai City FC

first_imgMohun Bagan coach Sanjoy Sen stepped down from his position after Mohun Bagan lost 1-2 to Chennai City FC in the I-League on Tuesday.Sanjoy Sen was on a 32-match unbeaten streak at home since being appointed the coach of the Kolkata giants. However, he was under fire after Bagan had drawn three home games this season.With the loss on Tuesday, the green and maroon brigade stretched their winless run to four games after three home draws against Shillong Lajong FC, Neroca FC and Indian Arrows.Despite Chennai being a man down, they put up a spirited performance and punished Bagan for their indecisiveness and lack of quality in front of the goal.ALSO WATCH”It’s the end of the road for me. It is the right time to take responsibility on my shoulders and move way from the club,” Sen told reporters after the harrowing reversal.”I lost at home and I had decided that I would step down if that happened. I don’t have the mentality to work at this club anymore,” the 57-year-old added.Minutes after Sen announced his resignation, Bagan clun director Debasish Dutta told reporters that there would be no practice on Wednesday and before Bagan take the field the day after, the new coach will be named.”He (Sanjoy Sen) came to me after the game and told me he wanted to quit. We will decide overnight and by tomorrow noon we will send in the name of the new coach through press release,” Dutta said.advertisementSen went on to say that it is his personal decision and these things keep happening across the world.”I am not complaining. Across the world these things happen. It is a personal decision and I conveyed it to the club officials and the players,” he said.”I’ll go back to lead a normal family life, have ‘adda’ with my friends and watch football from the comfort of my home,” the I-League winning coach added.Bagan are currently reeling in the fifth spot in the league table with just two wins from seven matches.Bagan had edged out city rivals East Bengal 1-0 on December 3 but since then, Bagan have failed to shine.Coincidently, East Bengal are currently leading the I-League table with 17 points from eight matches.Ahead of the season, Bagan’s invaluable man Katsumi Yusa had changed alliances and made a move to the other side of the city in East Bengal.Sen helped Mohun Bagan win the I-League in the 2014-15 season. He was appointed the chief coach for the Mariners in December 2014 after the club parted ways with technical director Subhas Bhowmick.He had previously been in-charge of Kolkata clubs like Mohammedan Sporting and United Sports Club and enjoyed success mostly in Cup competitions.While United SC became runners-up in IFA Shield and Durand Cup under his tutelage, the Black and Whites won the Shield last season. Sen had also led Mohammedan to become the champions of the I-League second division a couple of seasons back.(With inputs from IANS)last_img read more


first_imgMissouri River levels are still expected to stay high throughout summer and into fall.Hydrologist Kevin Stamm of the U-S Army Corps of Engineers, says they’re revising up all estimates for the Missouri due to unusually high mountain snowpack run-off.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC………..”of average” :11June run-off into the system above Sioux City was about 300-percent of normal.Joel Knofczynski, senior hydraulic engineer in the Corps’ Omaha office, says there’s still room in the reservoirs upriver to hold back very large quantities of water.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC…..”capture run-off” :15Knofczynski says releases from Gavins Point Dam near Yankton are already strong and they’ll increase substantially over the next few days.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC………flows recede” :10The Corps expects to maintain the high flows into the fall to get the upstream reservoirs down to ideal winter levels.Radio Iowalast_img read more

Ashley Pedley

first_imgAshley has provided continued involvement to Ipswich Touch as a Junior Vice President, Level 2 Referee, groundsman/cleaner and fundraising committee member. Ashley has continued to help the sport of Touch Football grow within the area of Ipswich by dedicating his time three nights a week. He is the first to show up and the last to leave helping to make a significant difference to the experience provided to participants.last_img

Benkirane Says Every Moroccan Feels Sense of Belonging to Istiqlal Party

Casablanca – The dismissed Head of Government, Abdelilah Benkirane, has delivered a speech in tribute to the late leader of the Istiklal Party (PI), Mohammed Boucetta, where he eulogized his moderation and integrity. Abdelilah Benkirane, Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), spoke Friday on the memorial of Mohammed Boucetta, the Istiklal Party leader who died on February 17. Abdelilah Benkirane, who was warmly received by party members, began by praising the PI as the mother of all political parties in Morocco.“Let me remind you that there is no Moroccan who does not feel a belonging to the party of Istiklal,” said Benkirane. The PJD Secretary General reminded attendance that his own late mother had remained affiliated with the Istiklal Party until she died,  even though her own son was the Secretary General of another party. Benkirane heaped praise on the moderation that “characterized this party since the beginning” and noted that many crises in Morocco might have been avoided, had other parties endorsed PI’s moderation.Benkirane pointed out that politicians who decide to engage in pubic affairs in Morocco find themselves presented with four options: “revolution and radical change […] or the choice of surrender in exchange for earthly offerings, or the choice of self-marginalization and pessimism […] or taking the way of moderation, and the toughest way is that of moderation.”The PJD’s leader explained that when a politician chooses a middle way between extremes, he/she suffers at the hands of the adherents of these extremes, and by “those who want to make of the nation a pie to eat alone.” Benkirane also spoke of the tribulations experienced by Mohammed Boucetta throughout his career as a politician and praised his patience vis-à-vis these troubles, as well as his choice of moderation and political integrity. read more

Security Council extends mandate for group tracking Somali arms flows

The United Nations Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution extending by six months the mandate of a group of experts monitoring the flow of arms to and through Somalia. The 15-member Council, acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, passed a resolution in 2003 which established the Monitoring Group, comprising four members, to scrutinize the movement of weapons. Today’s Council resolution called for the Group to “continue to investigate any means of transport, routes, seaports, airports and other facilities used in connection with arms embargo violations,” among other tasks. In a related development, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported today that for the first time since the beginning of June, more people have left the Somali capital Mogadishu than have returned to the city, with more than 10,000 people fleeing last week. Approximately 21,000 people have left Mogadishu since Government troops began security the capital in early last month, but around 20,000 people have returned. The livelihoods of Mogadishu’s inhabitants have been threatened by restrictions on daily activities. A wholesale market was shut down due to heightened insecurity, the closure of roads to the market and rising inflation, increasing the difficulty for many to secure remittances, a significant supply of income. The UN estimates that 400,000 Somalis have been displaced internally so far this year, with many having been forced to flee more than once due to the violence. Mogadishu’s security situation has deteriorated since the launch of the National Reconciliation Conference on 15 July, with mortar attacks disrupting the meeting. “The continuing violence is again driving civilians from their homes and making life extremely difficult for those who remain,” said John Holmes, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator. “The humanitarian community also needs a safer environment to carry out its life-saving work,” he noted, voicing hope that the Government and all sides will recognize the importance of this. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and its partners said that 2,900 residents of Mogadishu and internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been evicted from their homes in public buildings, and have ended up on the streets as they say there is no place for them to go and that IDP camps are full. Although the UN World Food Programme (WFP) was able to deliver over 3,000 metric tons of food to Somalia after receiving permission to cross from Kenya earlier this month, the worsening transport system – including damaged bridges – within Somalia is holding up the movement of supplies. The agency cautioned on 17 July that its aid programmes for hungry Somalis could be jeopardized without fresh contributions allowing the flow of relief to continue. Despite the resumption of UN air services to the south and north-west of the East African country, piracy thwarts aid supply lines by sea. The UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) asked Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to bring the issue of piracy to the Security Council so that the 15-member body can request the Transitional Federal Government to allow foreign warships into the country’s territorial waters to combat the threat. There have been 15 attacks on ships – two on WFP-contracted vessels with a security guard being killed in one of them – in or near Somali waters so far this year. In 2006, there were 10 attacks. 23 July 2007The United Nations Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution extending by six months the mandate of a group of experts monitoring the flow of arms to and through Somalia. read more

Tragedy strikes Farlecas family

first_imgTragedy struck Melbourne’s young Farlecas family last Sunday, after father and husband Peter Farlecas died of an apparent heart attack while competing in his first ever Ironman triathlon.The 39-year-old from Ormond was pulled unconscious from the water at Mooloolaba beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, towards the end of the 1.9 km swim leg of the Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast Triathlon. He was competing with 15 other work colleagues from an IT systems availability business, as part of their team building project.Despite the efforts of bystanders and the event’s medical team, after half an hour he was pronounced dead at the scene.He died in front of his wife Luisa and three daughters, who had accompanied him on the Queensland trip and were on the beach that morning to support their hero. Mr Farlecas’ sister Helen Vaias told Neos Kosmos the family has lost its happiest and always smiling face. “Peter was always the happy one in our family, really friendly, very personable. He always had lots of friends and people around him; always made an effort to make sure that everyone was having a good time. He was the fun brother.”Behind him, Mr Farlecas left a beautiful young family – wife Luisa and three girls, Mia, 9, Kiara, 7 and Juliet, 5.Just the night before the tragic death, the Farlecas family had celebrated Juliet’s fifth birthday.Sister Helen still can’t come to terms with what happened to the youngest of three siblings, as Peter had undergone an eight-month training schedule for the Ironman race.“It was part of a team building work exercise. He worked for a group called Interactive as a senior sale director. “He was the healthiest he has ever been. He smoked many years ago but he was not a heavy smoker. There is no history of heart disease in the family.” Peter’s grandfather, at the age of 92, is still in life, and was devastated to hear his grandson left this world before him.“‘I wonder does God have eyes? Why didn’t he take me instead?’, he told us. “Peter always wanted to compete in this Ironman race. He always said to me, ‘Helen, I just want to do this so I am fit and I am healthy and I am there for my girls.”With the devastated family and Peter’s parents Nick and Maria Farlecas mourning the loss of their youngest joy, brother George Farlecas told Neos Kosmos his younger brother was a committed family man and a paragon of an ideal brother. “Peter was the definition of what a brother should be.” Talking to News Corp, friend and colleague Tony Parissis described Mr Farlecas as a “strong swimmer and a family man”. “The girls were really excited to have a holiday in Queensland,” he told News Corp.Ironman Asia Pacific CEO Geoff Meyer told ABC News that Farlecas suffered a suspected heart attack during the swim stage of the Ironman 70.3 event at about 7.30 am on Sunday.“He had lost a significant amount of weight and had been training for six months.”Ironman Asia Pacific are set to conduct their own review to ensure all new protocols of the triathlon were directly followed. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Javi Gracia pleased with Watfords display against Chelsea

first_imgWatford manager Javi Gracia was satisfied with his side’s performance, despite losing 2-1 to Chelsea in the endThe Hornets provided Chelsea with a stern challenge at Vicarage Road with Roberto Pereyra scoring a stunning volley to cancel out Eden Hazard’s opener.But Watford’s strong display ultimately went unawarded when Hazard won and slotted home a penalty in the second half to seal all three points for the visitors.“We know it’s difficult against Chelsea because they are very good team with a very good squad,” Garcia told the club website.“We knew it would be difficult to get a good result but we have tried. We were playing better in the second half, with more time in the opposition half and dominating when we conceded the second goal.“It was a shame when we were playing well that we conceded the second goal.”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…Although Watford remain ninth in the Premier League and on course for their best-ever finish in the English top-flight.“We are in a good moment,” added Gracia.“I have good feelings because we can win and we can lose, but when I see my players I know they give their best and compete in all the games. We’ve had options against all the teams we have played.“I am happy with their behaviour and I’m sure we’ll keep it in the future as well.“I am proud of the effort of my players. We try to do better and get a better result next time.”Watford will next play against Newcastle at home on Saturday.last_img read more

Dell Announces Tablet HP Teams With Time Inc On Subscription Plan

first_imgThe Wall Street Journal confirms the production of a new version of the iPad tablet, which includes a built-in camera and a quicker processor. The anonymous sources WSJ tapped for this information also claim, “The new iPad will be thinner and lighter than the first model.” The camera will enable videoconferencing, while the dubbed “iPad 2” will contain more memory ability and an improved graphics processor. According to the L.A. Times blog, it “…will not, however, feature a very high-resolution jump.”With so many tablet options soon to be available for consumption, it seems as if the app question will be the deciding factor in which brand reigns supreme. Apple has already drawn the lines for in-app sales, booting Sony’s reader app for directing buyers to an outside website to purchase. The iPad manufacturers now require all app users to buy “in-app” –and observers expect Apple to start strictly enforcing its 30 percent commission.Companies like Time Warner’s publishing sector,Time Inc., have made public their choice to go with a tablet beside the iPad. All Things Digital reports, “Time Inc., which has been unable to come to terms with Apple over subscriptions for digitized magazines, has found a company it can work with: Hewlett-Packard.” Time Inc. will sell four of their major players on the HP tablet, including Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune and People. It’s been a busy couple of days for the tablet market. Dell announced yesterday its plan to release its rendition of the tablet. Marked to hit stores later this year, the ten-inch device is part of a medley of “24 new business computing solutions and form factors, including laptops, tablets, desktops and workstation computers,” according to a Dell press release. The Windows 7 tablet remains unnamed, says ZDNet UK.  Hewlett-Packard is also poised to enter the tablet race using recently acquired Palm technology, according to Reuters; Motorola’s Xoom is set to launch in late February. Blackberry is also in on the game, offering the Playbook, a tablet aimed at the professional set. After the buzz over Dell’s announcement, Apple added to the noise. Details of Apple’s second version of the iPad broke today.   last_img read more

Shiv Sena sacks workers who attacked RTI activist in Latur

first_imgShiv Sena has sacked party workers who blackened the face of a Right to Information (RTI) activist at Latur in Marathwada region of western Indian state Maharashtra, Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray said here on Saturday.“Heard of the unfortunate incident in Latur. The party strongly condemns the disgraceful act. Those involved have been removed from the party,” Aaditya, son of Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray, tweeted.Following the recent high-profile, face-blackening offensive on Observer Research Foundation Chairman Sudheendra Kulkarni for hosting the book launch of former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri in Mumbai, Sena activists on Friday blackened the face of RTI activist Mallikarjun Bhaikatti in Latur. The activist was beaten up and his face splattered with ink after he ‘threatened’ to expose irregularities in construction of a local educational institution’s premises.last_img read more

SeaWorld launches new Orca Encounter at its San Diego park

first_img Waheeda Harris SAN DIEGO — Kicking off the busy summer season, SeaWorld San Diego has launched new attractions at its southern California location, focusing on education and not just entertainment.Due to recent challenges as a result of public awareness of the health and safety of marine animals in captivity, SeaWorld has refocused efforts on education, making sure it’s just as important as having fun. SeaWorld has made a commitment to no longer breed orcas in captivity. Its new show, Orca Encounter, showcases many fun facts about whales, as well as showing their intelligence.Orca Encounter at SeaWorld San DiegoSeaWorld offers many exclusive and back-of-house tours, for visitors to get up close and personal with its marine population, as well as to be transparent about the extensive care for the creatures.Visitors can tour the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Centre, which regularly rescues California sea creatures for 144 kilometres along the California coast, from the Mexico border to north of the city.So far this year, the team has rescued 134 California sea lions, 44 seals and over 400 sea birds. The majority of these animals are cared for at SeaWorld and then released back to the wild, unless prevented by a wide range of factors, as decided by the US Department of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.SeaWorld currently has parks in San Antonio, TX, Orlando and is in development for a park in Abu Dhabi in 2022. SeaWorld San Diego was the first to open in 1964, and was the brainchild of four UCLA graduates. More than half a century later SeaWorld San Diego is now a mix of aquarium, zoo and sea-themed heart-pumping rides.More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growthIn 2014 SeaWorld San Diego renovated its entrance and created Explorer’s Reef, a series of touch pools to allow kids and parents to learn more about sea creatures up close, such as stingrays, conch, bamboo sharks and cleaner fish.A new addition for visitors ages three to 10 is Ocean Explorer, featuring five rides allowing kids 36” – 42” in height to ride on their own or easily with an adult. The biggest hit is the Tentacle Twirl, a jellyfish-themed swing ride, closely followed by Submarine Quest, an interactive submarine ride and the ability for visitors to see Pacific octopus, California moray eels and Japanese spider crabs in the nearby mini-aquarium.SeaWorld San Diego’s Tentacle TwirlThere are a wide variety of marine animals to see at the park: Penguin Encounter features six species including the only Emperor penguins in North America; Turtle Reef for loggerhead, hawksbill and green turtles; Shark Encounter to see sharks in an underwater tube; Freshwater Aquarium for frogs, eel and fish; and Aquaria for its fish and touch pools.For up close encounters, there’s Wild Arctic for beluga whales and walruses, Otter Outlook with sea otters, Sea Lion Point for seals and California sea lions and Dolphin Point where visitors can meet the SeaWorld dolphin family. For additional costs, visitors can go on tours to meet SeaWorld trainers and marine animals such as penguins, beluga whales and California sea lions.The marine animal shows still draw the most attention, including: Dolphin Days, which showcases dolphins and pilot whales; Pets Rule!, with crafty dogs, cats, pigs and birds; and Sea Lions Live, with a comedic show featuring California sea lions Clyde and Seamour and OP sea otter.More news:  Le Boat has EBBs along with its new 2020 brochureBenefits for all-day visitors include the All Day Dining Deal (US$35.99 adult, $18.99 child plus tax) which allows entrée or kids meal, side or dessert, non-alcoholic or kids size beverage, once an hour, at over 10 restaurants on property. Allergy-friendly snacks are available throughout SeaWorld San Diego and allergy-friendly meals can easily be found at numerous restaurants.With summer hours going from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., families can stay all day, and at night get recharged with the numerous events of the newly-added Electric Ocean, SeaWorld’s evening program. Families can enjoy the Cirque Electrique dance and music performance show, show off their dance moves at Club Current and learn about dinoflagellates and bioluminescence of sea life at Living Glow.For Canadian visitors to SeaWorld San Diego (as well as to San Antonio and Orlando), there are several discounts on offer from single day visit savings of $38 per ticket ($56.99/$94.99) to saving $7 on tickets to Aquatica San Diego, a water park that is part of SeaWorld Entertainment. 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Etihad statement on airberlin

first_imgSource = Etihad Etihad statement on airberlinEtihad statement on airberlinWe have been informed that airberlin has filed for administration.“This development is extremely disappointing for all parties, especially as Etihad has provided extensive support to airberlin for its previous liquidity challenges and restructuring efforts over the past six years.“In April this year, Etihad provided EUR 250 million of additional funding to airberlin as well as supporting the airline to explore strategic options for the business. However, airberlin’s business has deteriorated at an unprecedented pace, preventing it from overcoming its significant challenges and from implementing alternative strategic solutions.“Under these circumstances, as a minority shareholder, Etihad cannot offer funding that would further increase our financial exposure. We remain open to helping find a commercially viable solution for all parties.“We expect airberlin operations to continue during administration. We have a commercial relationship with airberlin across a range of areas, including codeshare operations, and we will support airberlin’s management during these difficult times.“Germany is an important market for Etihad and Abu Dhabi, and we remain committed to providing comprehensive air links as a key enabler of trade and tourism.”last_img read more